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Gang Warfare Screenshot Why More Info Past Cycles
To create a more realistic gangster feel; has been suggested several times in the past, as a way to make gang membership more meaningful. Also it is lots of fun. Much more info in the "gang codex" book, in your gang library. 2008 2009 2010 2011
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A feature of Legacy. Overview Points / Scoring Past Rounds

Warfare Scoring

The Oct 2008 - Dec 2008 map was the first to have recorded points (The points system was created by Deeg). Note:You only get points when the building(s) are online and the gang HQ has sufficient power. This is the layout of the points system.

In Zorg's blog on October 1st 2009, Zorg had this to say about the parking of a Gang's HQ in an objectives red zone. "Also I'm well aware of gangs parking their HQs in an objectives red zone to farm points. This remains a valid tactic for this round if being able to use the objective is of no interest to you. However, January onwards having your HQ in any red zone will result in negative points greater than that you would get for even controlling the objective. I have no objections to this strategy being used and it is an imaginative loop hole in the points system. But it does negate the point of having red zones and it will be fixed come January."

However, on Thursday, July 1st 2010, Zorg clarified it on his blog: "This round is the first round where the new scoring system will really be used. If you have your gang HQ in the red zone of ANY objective deployed or un-deployed, you stop gaining points from all objectives and the squares they occupy. You get +10 points for each square you control and +190 points for each objective every hour. If you have your HQ in any red zone of any objective, all the objectives you control + the squares they occupy will count for 0 points each hour until you move it."

Zorg was pleased by the results of the points system by Deeg, and as a result there was, and will be no changes to it.

Points Description
+10 points: Control of a Square
+20 points: Square + Power Station
+20 points: Square + Metal Refinery
+15 points: Square + Defense Turret
+50 points: Square + Barracks
+20 points: Square + Beacon
+20 points: Square + Radar
+25 points: Square + Deployed HQ
+15 points: Square + Undeployed HQ
+200 points: Square + Objective

If you would like to donate some of your warfare points to the Gang Bank, go to your Gang Control Panel > Gang Citadel, and then click 'Donate Points.' Enter the amount of points you wish to donate, and then click 'Make Donation.' Warfare points are converted into gang points at a rate of 100 warfare points for every gang point. Keep in mind that there is no way to convert gang points back into warfare points.


Warfare Points

Warfare points are what players are rewarded with for actively participating in the Wastelands, whether by helping take over squares, defeating enemy players and guards, or destroying enemy buildings. Warfare points, in turn, can be donated to the player's gang or used to buy rewards from the Gang Shop.

How to Earn Them

As stated above, there are several ways to earn warfare points. The table below describes all the ways in which they can be earned and how many are earned for doing each action:

General Activities Points
Increase your gang's control of a square +2 points
Attacking an enemy structure +2 points
Reparing an structure of your gang +2 points
Attacking a deployed enemy HQ +3 points
Attacking an un-deployed enemy HQ +4 points

Defeating Players (Offense) Points
5 or more levels above you +20 points
3 to 4 levels higher than you +15 points
Within 2 levels of you, above or below +10 points
3 to 5 levels below you +5 points
5 or more levels below you +2 points

Defeating Players (Self-Defense Points
5 or more levels above you +5 points
3 to 4 levels higher than you +4 points
Within 2 levels of you, above or below +3 points
3 to 5 levels below you +2 points
5 or more levels below you +1 points

How to Use Them

There are two ways in which you can use the warfare points you earn. You can either donate them to the gang bank to help fund the building of structures in the wasteland, or you can use them to buy rewards from the Gang Shop.


Main article: Warfare Shop

If you would like to spend warfare points on rewards, then go to Gang Control Panel > Gang Citadel > Gang Shop >Warfare Rewards (a.k.a. the Warfare Shop), and click 'Purchase' under the item you wish to buy. Your total warfare points are displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the page, which can also be viewed under the Character tab in Information and on the Wasteland Overview page.


The Top 10 accumulators in warfare points are displayed each week in Sector 1 > Hall of Records > Weekly Top 10 Lists. Like the other Top 10 Lists, players in the Top 10 for warfare points are rewarded with a badge and a banner in their profile.


In addition, the Top 10 accumulators in warfare points for each gang are displayed in their Gang Only Top 10 Lists, located in Gang Citadel > Member List > Gang Only Top 10 Lists.