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Concept Art

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This page contains all kinds of concept art made by Staff and players for Legacy. This page is created and updated by Pascal, if you wish to see your art added please make a ticket.

Concept Art by Staff

Combat shot.png

Screenshot of the new attack system.
By Zorg

Duel shot1.png

Screenshot of a duel system.
By Zorg

NPC Concept1.png

Concept of a Special NPC
By Bcfcespley

Npc22 concept.png

Special NPC
By Bcfcespley

Gamecardleg concept.gif

By Bcfcespley


Concept of Cain's brother (Name unknown)
By dK16

Sentry Concepts.png

Concepts of the Sentry Sapper
By Bcfcespley


Concepts of pink Avatar weapons
By Bcfcespley

Concept Art by Players

Ganglogos concept.png

Concept for new gang logos.
By Zymis (TC), Citizen (DF), Aldo (BoD), MonkeyKing (OC)

Monkeyking Staff Picture.jpg

Awesome Staff Picture
By MonkeyKing

AlienInvasion Commic Cover.jpg

Alien Invasion Comic Cover
By Monkeyking


By Bcfcespley

Character Design Concepts

JasonV Character Concept.jpg

JasonV by Zymis

Stormtrooper concept.gif

Stormtrooper by DMaster  

DMEmperor Concept.gif

Emperor by DMaster

Knighth Concept.png

Knight by dk16

Gunzguy concept.png

Gunz Guy by dk16

Katana Concept.gif

Katana by DMaster

Sally Concept.png

Sally by Adria

Panda Concept.gif

Panda by DMaster

Sylar Concept.gif

Sylar by DMaster

Angelwingsb Concept.gif

Angelwings by dk16

Goku Concept.gif

Dragon ball Z by DMaster

Shoes Dmaster Concept.gif

Shoes by DMaster

Lancer Concept.gif

Lancer by DMaster

Sword DM Concept.jpg

Sword by DMaster

GoldWristband Jeremiah.png

Golden Wristband by: Jeremiah

Christmas Concept Adria.png

Christmas wear by Adria

Buzz concept art.gif

Buzz Lightyear by DMaster

Sakuyahairb Concept.gif

Sakuya Hair by dk16


Glasses by Guilt

GirlsCompDress Concept.png

Girl Dress by Guilt

RedTornDressRedone Concept.png

Torn Dress by Guilt

WhiteDress Concept.png

White Dress by Guilt


Ringmaster by Guilt

Ironman Concept.gif

Ironman by Bcfcespley

Bioshock Concept.png

BioShock by Bcfcespley

Spiderman Concept.gif

Spiderman by Bcfcespley

Bladed Pistol Concept.png

Bladed Pistol by Citizen


Phantom Armor by: DMaster


Gas mask by: Macey


Bloody shirt by: Macey


Outcasts accessory by: DMaster


BoD accessory by: DMaster

AH10 Coat Concept.gif

AH10 Coat by: DMaster


Hoody by: Guilt


Space Dude Concept by: Guilt

Items And Weapons Concepts

Back Door Pass.png

Back Door Pass by bcfcespley

Dojos Discount Card.png

Dojo's Discount Card by bcfcespley

Platinum Card.png

Platinum Card by bcfcespley

WL Map Preview.png

WL Preview Map by bcfcespley

Portable Beacon.png

Portable Beacon by bcfcespley


Focus Refill Shot by bcfcespley


Bubblegun by bcfcespley

Cupcake Gun.png

Cupcake Gun by bcfcespley

Peg Gun.png

Peg Gun by bcfcespley

Armor Concept DK16.gif

Spectral Armor by dk16


Colt M1911 by [User:dk16|dk16]]


Colt M1911 by dk16

Candy Ball Machine Gun.png

Candy Ball Machine Gun by bcfcespley

Rola Cola Gun.png

Rola Cola Gun by bcfcespley

Pistol Concept.png

Colt M1911 by dk16

M1014 Concept.gif

M1014 by dk16

Laserpistol Concept.gif

Laser Sighted Pistol by dk16

Mp5k concept.gif

MP5 by dk16

Redpill concept.png

Original Blue Pill by bcfcespley

Slingshot concept.png

Slingshot by bcfcespley

Smokegrenade concept.png

Smoke Grenade by bcfcespley

Gold 3ss Concept.png

Gold 3 Section Staff by bcfcespley

Clubweapon Concept.png

Club Weapon by bcfcespley

Crystal1 concept.png

Yellow Crystal by bcfcespley

Crystal2 concept.png

Red Crystal by bcfcespley

Flashbang concept.png

Flashbang by bcfcespley

Harbringer Concept.png

Harbringer (Brother of the Scythe)
by bcfcespley

Razorclaw concept.png

Razorclaw by bcfcespley

Swatgold concept.png

Golden Swat shield by bcfcespley

Throwingdaggers concept.png

Throwing Daggers by bcfcespley

Weaponsaw concept.png

Handsaw by bcfcespley


Clear Crystal by bcfcespley


Staff by bcfcespley


Purple Crystal by bcfcespley

Wrapped baseball bat.png

Baseball Bat by Steven

Armor Idea 1.png

Armor concept by Steven

Armor idea 2.png

Armor concept by Steven

Armor idea 3.png

Armor concept by Steven