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Help:Deletion Guidelines

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Note: Before deleting an article, consider whether it has the potential to be fixed. If you can fix an article by removing an image or a couple sentences, remove them and leave the article as is. If you can fix an article by adding some information you know to be true, take the time to work it into the article or add a Cleanup template instead. Do not delete an article because it has been vandalized, rather, revert the vandalism.

Sysops: If it is obvious that an article should be deleted (it is spam, a couple sentences, etc), delete it. If it is less than 100% clear, post the Deletion template on the page, with an explanation on the article's Talk page. If you're unsure contact the Wiki Admin

Users: If you feel an article should be deleted, post the Deletion template on the page, with an explanation on the Talk page.

False Information

  • The contents of the article are fictional.
  • The article contains some facts, but not enough to create a thorough article if the fiction is removed.
  • The article contains information that may be true, but cannot be confirmed (speculation).

Bad Topic

  • Spam: new talk pages or articles that are nonsensical or unrelated to Legacy in any way.
  • The article contains defamation, insults, or personal information about someone, which has been posted without their consent.

Inappropriate Content

  • The article does not fit with a PG-13 rating.
    • Pornography.
    • Cursing.
    • Excessive violence/gore.


  • The article is too short or sparse to be of any use to anyone.
    • (eg. "Murders Row is a clan.")
    • Clan articles with just rank lists fall under this.
  • The article is a redirect, which would not be useful in any way to someone trying to find information on the wiki.
    • redirecting hrnfgdufngtung or Huntin to Hunting is bad.
    • redirecting John Doe to User: John Doe is bad.
    • redirecting Bosses to Hunting#Hunting Special Characters is OK.
  • Most or all of the article's contents are already covered in another article.
    • Note: if the new article contains extra information, it would be a good idea to consider incorporating that information into the old article.
  • For media (image) files: the file is unused.
  • For clans: the clan is defunct and was not considered a notable clan.