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Hosted by Scott, Zorg & Hoofmaster


Screenshot of Deeg's WasteCon post
Screenshot of Scott's LegCon post

LegCon was first called WasteCon and it was first started by Deeg, it's first purpose was to give players a voice to Zorg on systems that really needed editing to make it more fair for players. Warfare was the main topic, due to the bans of players for Warfare Point farming and a lot of controversy over certain elements of the Wastelands being abused Deeg set-up monthly meetings in Online Chat and each gang could raise their point on all of the issues. Then a solution to the problems would be found, for example being able to leave a square with enemy gangs on. After the meetings Zorg reviewed the situations and edited systems appropriately, he added a time limit for when you step onto a square with enemy's. In 2009 Scott was appointed to Development Manager, he restarted WasteCon but renamed it LegCon because of the mass amount of topics that needed to be discussed. It became more about Legacy and less about Warfare. It was clear however these would be one every few months to make it an event and not a regular thing.

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LegCon FaQ

o What does a "rep" do?
A Gang Rep (Not to be confused with Staff Rep) discusses with the gang it's points to put forward in the meetings. Whilst in the meetings they're left un-silenced but their aim is to put across the gangs points and speak for the people who're silenced.
o How do I become a rep?
When a meeting is decided a thread will be posted in your Gangs member forum. You can put yourself across to be a rep or its up-to the leadership to pick you.
o I'm Silenced in Online Chat and I have a good point to make...
Due to the amount of people in the chat room we silence a lot of people otherwise the meeting would be one huge argument. If you have a point to add click their name in chat and pm them.
o What's the point in these meetings?
To discuss major parts of the game and to get feedback so we can edit systems to help with gameplay.
o One of our reps didn't turn up ... Can I be a replacement?
As long as its cleared by your gang leadership... Sure.

Rep Responsibilities/Rules
The roles of a Gang rep is easy and short.

1. You're there to represent YOUR gang. So act professional and not like an idiot.
2. Read what your gang has said on the matter at hand and any pm's you get whilst in chat if they add to the point.. add it to the discussion.
EXAMPLE:Example of what to put!
3. You can say your opinion but only if it doesn't go against what your gang says.
4. Work as a team with your other reps, the better you put across a point the easier it is to understand.
5. Act mature and please... No txt speak whilst you're making a point, your aim is to provide points and reasons, not to give the chat room a puzzle. Arguments with other players whilst this event is being held will see you removed from the chat room.

Start -> Finish

It will start by the Host (Scott/Zorg/Hoofmaster) explaining why everyone is there and the points that need to be raised. Everyone will be silenced at first then after that is explained reps will be un-silenced. Each gang will have a turn to speak so there is no confusion and to make it fair. After a point has ended and some agreement/fix has been noted down it will move onto the next topic. At the end the host will explain what happens next and then the event will be over.

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Make sure you turn up and make your opinion/suggestions read!