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Player Profile History

Quick Seach

The Quick Search allows you to lookup other Players Profiles easily. It's located at the top of every Player Profile.

Profile Search.PNG

Personal Information

The next section of the Player Profile is where you can input your Personal Information (Or see others Information) including your Real Name, Age (With Date of Birth), and Country. There is also a section where you can input anything you want should you feel you want to share more information about anything. All of this Information can be left Blank or Hidden as well if preferred.

Profile Header.PNG

Character Stats

This section is where you will find the bulk of a Players Information. This includes the following information...

  • What number Avatar the Player is (If they have reached Avatar)
  • Level and Current Experience
  • Staff Favor
  • Badges
  • Account Age
  • HP
  • Focus
  • Ability Points (See Ability System)
  • Forum Posts
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Last Defeated
  • Last Defeated By
  • Credits (This can be Hidden in your Member Profile)
  • Last Online
  • Current Equipment Setup (Clicking on each item will show further details on the Gems that may be present on the gear)
  • 3 Quick Links to Attack the Player, Send a Message, or View their Market Stand (See Market Square) (These will be visible from all sections of the Players Profile)
  • On the Left Side of the Profile Information are Additional Tabs that will lead to more information about the player explained below.
Profile Body.PNG


Trinkets can be obtained through various tasks and shown off in this case. Up to 3 Trinkets can be shown off at a time, but the case will not appear unless you have selected at least 1 Trinket in your Member Profile.

Profile Trinkets.PNG

Character Groups

This section of the Profile provides a look at the Current Gang the Player is a part of (Or if they are not currently in one), their Rank within the Gang, and how long they have been a member for.

You can also find information about the current Clans the Player may be a part of (This information can be hidden depending on settings chosen by the Clan Leaders)

Profile Groups.PNG

Forum Signature

This section is where you can view a players Forum Signature. This can be normal text, images, or any combination. You can setup your Forum Signature in the Settings Tab (Some size and character restrictions apply when creating a Forum Signature).

Profile Signature.PNG

Player Honors

This section is where you can see all of the Achievements, Banners, Overall Rankings, and Previous Week Rankings of a Player.

Profile Honors.png

Public Forum Activity

This section will show the most recent Public Forum Activity for a Player (It will not show Forum Activity within Clans/Gangs/or any other Private Forums). You can view the 5 most recent Threads Created and Posts Made by the Player here.

Profile Forums.PNG

Profile Names

In this section you can view the Name History of a player. A Player can change their name using Platinum (Price: 44,995p) once every 75 days.

Profile Names.PNG