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Deeg (Pronounced "Deej") has been around since the first version of Gangsterz 2, though his presence was less known back then. In the Space Coalition forums, however, he slowly earned some respect through being very active.

After Space Coalition died, he remained one of the few who kept in contact with other players. He supported the proposal to create the Gangsterz 2 forums, originally helping out as a moderator. He played a large part in tracking down old players who had lost contact with the G2 group. He was later made into an admin of the forum.

In the beginning of the new Gangsterz 2, he rushed to create the game's first clan, called "The Chapter". He later took on the role of forum moderator in Main Forum, Clan Talk, Help Forum and Veteran Forum as well as remaining a player to lead his clan. By this time he had made a lot of friends, and a lot of enemies.

Deeg was then hired onto the staff team as the Clan Admin. Alongside of his staff work, he decided to start up the Gangsterz Radio. He managed to convince Zorg into making a special place for the radio show within Sector 3. Now he airs a show almost every month.

Deeg is now one of the more well-known and respected members of the community.

Deeg was then promoted to Staff Manager. Deeg is in charge of making sure staff are doing there jobs, and hiring new staff to new positions.

After many months of successful staff managing, Deeg was upset that people did not update his wiki page, even though he is a well-known and respected member of the community. He informed the players of Legacy in the main forums that whoever updated his wiki first would win a weeks worth of subscription.

Past Designs


Personal Info

Age: Classified

Gender: Classified

Location: West Yorkshire, England

Interests: Deeg plays in a band called Rate of Reaction and spends most of his spare time either at the computer on G2 or working with his band on new material. He enjoys the technology side of the music. He also loves Pokemon and is a member of the Shaidar adorers cult.