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Wasteland Cycle 2008

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To create a more realistic gangster feel; has been suggested several times in the past, as a way to make gang membership more meaningful. Also it is lots of fun. Much more info in the "gang codex" book, in your gang library. 2008 2009 2010 2011
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A feature of Legacy. Overview Points / Scoring Past Rounds

Round 1

Date/Map Starting Positions Objectives Notes
Feb 2007 - Oct 2008

Blank Map Buildable View

Dark Flame 11,4 Hospital 4,9 The first map released by Zorg.

This map has 47 of the 255 squares inaccessible, due to obstacles.

Blade of Dawn 14,4 Alien Artifact ??,??
Outcasts 2,14 Warfare Shop 9,8
The Chapter 2,2

In 2008, a vote was held after a few Wasteland Conventions (Wastecon's) in Online Chat. The consensus was to reset the Wastelands every 3 months. On the first reset in October 2008, Zorg released the next map.

Round 2

Date/Map Starting Positions Objectives Notes
Oct - Dec 2008

Blank Map Buildable View

Dark Flame 9,9 Prototype ERS 8,15 The main feature of this map is the "Avatar Playground" in the lower area, which only Avatars can access via Astral Phasing.

35 squares are inaccessible due to obstacles.

Blade of Dawn 7,7 Hospital 1,8
Outcasts 7,9 Warfare Shop 15,8
The Chapter 9,7 Neutral Square 14,1


Oct - Dec
Gang Score
Dark Flame 2,968,770 points
Blade of Dawn 1,249,615 points
Outcasts 750,155 points
The Chapter 630,090 points