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Quotes are little snippets of things said on the game that people find interesting in various ways (e.g. Pimp frogging FatTony, and yes, it has happened). They range from serious to hilarious.

Rules for new quotes:

  • Your quote MUST be genuine.
  • Your quote cannot be insulting towards others
  • Do not add unnecessarily long quotes to the page; it will be considered spam.
  • Please do not add something to the page that you said. It is usually not funny.

Please Can you put your quote into the correct Category listed below. Any quote not in the correct place may be moved without your knowledge Thank-You!!

  • 1. Staff Quotes - This is for STAFF ONLY To add their quotes.
  • 2. Gang Quotes - This is for quotes from Gang logs or even Wasteland.
  • 3. Friendship - Quotes showing Good and funny friendship.
  • 4. Intelligence - Quotes showing Sarcasm.
  • 5. Karma - Quotes showing Karma.
  • 6. Power - Quotes showing funny moments From staff or Moderators or Gang/Clan Leaders.
  • 7. Violence - Quotes showing Funny violence, not bullying.
  • 8. Romance - Quotes showing love within Legacy.
  • 9. Wealth - Quotes showing the rich and powerful.
  • 10. Clans - Quotes showing humour within Clans.
  • 11. Naughtiness - Quotes showing naughty Players/Staff at there best.
  • 12. Randomness - Quotes showing the randomness Around The Hive & Wastelands
  • 13. IRC Chat Quotes - Quotes from the IRC chat room.
  • 14. Discord Chat Quotes - Quotes from A Legacy Discord channel.