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Wasteland Cycle 2012

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To create a more realistic gangster feel; has been suggested several times in the past, as a way to make gang membership more meaningful. Also it is lots of fun. Much more info in the "gang codex" book, in your gang library. 2008 2009 2010 2011
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A feature of Legacy. Overview Points / Scoring Past Rounds

Round 15

Date/Map Starting Positions Objectives Notes
Jan - Mar 2012

Blank MapBuildable View

Dark Flame 10,6 Prototype ERS 8,15 This map is exactly the same as the one used in round 2.

It still has 35 of the 255 squares inaccessible, due to obstacles.

Blade of Dawn 7,6 Hospital 1,8
Outcasts 10,9 Warfare Shop 15,8
The Chapter 7,9 Neutral Square 14,1

Round 16

Date/Map Starting Positions Objectives Notes
Apr - Jun 2012

Blank MapBuildable View West Bridge Buildable View South BridgeBuildable View East Bridge

Dark Flame 2,14 Satellite Uplink 14,7 This is a brand new map, featuring sentries that will roam the wasteland at random times and an island that has 3 bridges leading to the Sentry Control Objective.

Only 1 bridge will extend per day to allow access to the island.

51 of the 255 squares are inaccessible, 3 of which change due to bridge.

Blade of Dawn 10,14 Phase Disruptor 2,7
Outcasts 6,14 Sentry Control 8,2
The Chapter 14,14

Round 17

Date/Map Starting Positions Objectives Notes
Jul - Sep 2012

Blank MapBuildable View

Phase Disruptor 1,9 This is a map that takes place in the Void, an area far away from the regular places the Wastelands are. The Gang HQs cannot even make it to this area. Warriors from each gang teleport in to the Neutral Zone and territory is fought for from this zone.

101 of the 255 squares are inaccessible due to no ground being there.

Prototype ERS 12,1
Alien Artifact 15,6
Neutral Square 10,14 : 13,15

Round 18

Date/Map Starting Positions Objectives Notes
Oct - Dec 2012

Blank MapBuildable View Unfrozen Buildable View FrozenRadar Jammed Map

Dark Flame 12,14 Prototype ERS 8,1 This map is the same as featured in round 3.

It has 52 of the 255 squares inaccessible when unfrozen, and 28 of the 255 squares inaccessible when frozen.

Blade of Dawn 10,14 Radio Jammer 2,8
Outcasts 8,14 Alien Artifact 15,8
The Chapter 6,14


Jan - Mar Apr - Jun Jul - Sep Oct - Dec
Gang Score Gang Score Gang Score Gang Score
Outcasts 3,525,870 points Outcasts 1,945,840 points Dark Flame 1,581,350 points The Chapter 2,159,300 points
Blade of Dawn 637,600 points Dark Flame 1,127,750 points Blade of Dawn 815,300 points Blade of Dawn 1,295,530 points
Dark Flame 378,810 points Blade of Dawn 1,074,330 points Outcasts 741,640 points Outcasts 1,109,680 points
The Chapter 283,800 points The Chapter 757,290 points The Chapter 398,750 points Dark Flame 398,750 points