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Hall of Records

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The Hall of Records, located in Sector 1 under Council Buildings, covers a variety of records. In addition to providing records, it also has a quick Player Lookup. The links in the Hall of Records are:

  • Legacy Stats
  • Player List (in order of Creation)
  • Player List (alphabetical order)
  • Top Ten Highest Lists
  • Weekly Top 10 Lists
  • Quick Player Lookup

Legacy Stats

The Legacy Stats page shows all the information one would ever want to know about the number of accounts on the game. Such stats include the total number of accounts, the number of users currently on-line, the number of accounts in each level range and their percentages, as well as how many users logged on that day and for the past week. These stats are updated once daily.


Player List (Creation)

This is the first record listed. It shows every single account in Legacy (that is still active) in order of creation. The top 10 here are:

Since there's no way we can go back in time and create accounts, these accounts will always be the first 10 in Player List (Creation) unless deleted. You can keep going forward in pages (10 accounts per page) until you come to the most recently created account.

Player List (Alphabetical)

This is the second record listed. It lists every single account in Legacy (that is still active) in alphabetical order. The current top 10 are:

  • 007Ben
  • 00stunt1
  • 02exotic
  • 0BrianxD
  • 0Hunter0
  • 0ukanlos0
  • 0verKiLL
  • 10penny100
  • 1234emma
  • 123killer

However, the list is subject to change, since new players may create accounts that may come before this (i.e. 00Thunk).

Weekly Top Ten Lists

Legacy has a weekly top ten list which players must compete with each other to get badges and banners for themselves. The badge the players earn if they successfully reach the top ten will be with them for a week; however, the banner they earn will be with them for their LG lives. Unlike the Top Ten Highest Lists, the Weekly Lists change every week. The Weekly Top Ten Lists cover:

The weekly top ten lists are calculated at 3:00 AM every Monday. There is also a list on the wiki located here. everytime a number is beaten it is added after a few weeks only the biggest amount achieved will be left!

Player Search

This Player Search works exactly the same as the one in Quick Links. You can search for level, HP, name, and much more. You can also search for other peoples profiles from your profile with the quick search feature. This has been removed in the major template update.

Quick Player Look Up

This is located below all the links and works differently from Player Search. In this look up, you must know the exact username of the user you wish to look up, which means that the look up takes you directly to the user's profile instead of a result page. There is a secret page on Legacy you just have to type the correct information.