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Quick Summary

Will.png Gang Dark Flame Admin Staff Manager
Staff Time Sept '11 - Present In charge of Volunteer Helpers
Personal Name Gender DoB Location
Will Male Feb. 15, 1988 United States

Personal Details

Other than what you see above in the summary, I served in the Marine Corps for 5 years and was discharged in June '11. Otherwise, I don't exactly have the most exciting life. Just to prove my point: I have never had a broken bone. Ever. To counter this though, I can honestly say that my left side is a permanent shade of light brown due to the fact that almost all of the skin on that side of my body was melted off by 280 degree F water + steam. Was working a sanitation machine in the chow hall of the USS Nassau. Slight human error, got sprayed, lost most of the skin on my left side. Good times.

Interests would include martial arts, music (preferably techno), and games. I'm not into sports or anything like that. I never really could see the point in sports.

Some of my favorite games include Dekaron, Cabal, Flyff, Runescape, Dynasty Warriors, Silent Hill, Vagrant Story, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy. That's just to name a few.

The Random Area

Criixalis : 02:11 - any df summon for me? Smiley 2.gif
KillaSanta : 02:12 - Sure Criixalis
Bikari : 02:12 - Smiley 21.gif
AkuTenshi : 02:16 - You can trust Killa
AkuTenshi : 02:16 - He's harmless
Xlr8 : 02:17 - 02:15 KillaSanta : Meow
AkuTenshi : 02:17 - ^ Point proven
KillaSanta : 02:18 - Haha shhh Smiley 21.gif
Xlr8 : 02:18 - Smiley 21.gif
KillaSanta : 02:18 - 02:15 Xlr8 : Woof Woof!
17:43   Varamin is nearly useless due to lag. Just FYI.
17:44   Dark Flame gained 8% control of area.
17:44   AkuTenshi : Looks useful enough
17:44   AkuTenshi : 17:43 Varamin defeated Parka in self defense.
17:44   Varamin can do a credible impression of an immovable object.
Gohan : 01:37 - i dun have a gf :P
AkuTenshi : 01:38 - Lies. All lies
Jeremiah : 01:38 - Would you like some lies with your fibburger?
AkuTenshi : 01:08 - Btw Nit, I'm sending you a computer with Windows 98 on it
Nitrous : 01:08 - ****ing
Nitrous : 01:08 - Windows
Nitrous : 01:08 - Ninety
Nitrous : 01:08 - Eight
Nitrous : 01:08 - Argh!!!!!!!
14:29   Scyper : lets kill aku Smiley 11.gif
14:29   smokey11 disappears in a shimmer of light.
14:30   AkuTenshi : Now that's power
19:41   DMaster : ewww
19:41   AkuTenshi touches DMaster.
19:41   AkuTenshi : Now you're infected
19:42   DMaster : Smiley 10.gif
19:42   Dark Flame gained 8% control of area.
19:42   Buh156 arrived from the north.
19:42   AkuTenshi : Only cure is to kill me
19:42   DMaster : *****! Smiley 21.gif
Flagg : 04:02 - did will complain already today about his workload ?
Will : 04:04 - *grabs flagg by the ear*
Will : 04:04 - Wouldn't you like to know?
Glacieus : 04:04 - Smiley 11.gif
Flagg : 04:04 - oh he is online Smiley 21.gif