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Gang Warfare Screenshot Why More Info Past Cycles
To create a more realistic gangster feel; has been suggested several times in the past, as a way to make gang membership more meaningful. Also it is lots of fun. Much more info in the "gang codex" book, in your gang library. 2008 2009 2010 2011
2012 2013 2014 2015
What Other Pages 2016 2017 2018 2019
A feature of Legacy. Wasteland Rewards Past Rounds 2020 2021 2022 2023

Gang warfare can be simply explained as fighting between gangs which occurs on a 15x15 square map. Each gang has a headquarters and any member above level 10 of a certain gang has the ability to conquer and control territory.

Player Controls

Upon entering the wasteland, players can use the arrow buttons on the sides of the minimap to move in four directions (North, East, South or West). Statistics such as gang control, structures built, and players in the area are shown to the right of the minimap. Below is a small chat area, which relays various messages in addition to player chat. Messages entered in this box are only received by those on the same square.

Along with the basic controls, there are also commands. Commands do many different things, and some even require getting and finishing a certain ability. Below is a full list of commands in the Wasteland. In Update 1.7.00, Zorg released a tool in Settings meaning you could set the wasteland chat to your preference.

Ability/Item Needed
/who Display a list of fellow gang members in the wasteland. With Mind's Eye, /who displays all the player names in the wasteland, or all members of a selected gang in the wasteland. N/A (Mind's Eye to see other gangs)
/me <action> [Ex. /me whacks Twitch] Emote system for pretending to perform actions. N/A
/whisper <person> <message> [Ex. /whisper Twitch what?] OR /w Send private message to fellow gang member. N/A
/reply OR /r Send private message to the last person who whispered you. N/A
/gang <message> OR /ga <message> Send a message to all of your gang members in the wasteland.
Warning: If an enemy is on the square he/she will see the outgoing message!
Rank 2+
/Silence <person> [Ex. /silence Pascal] Block gang members from using the gang chat. use /silence <person> again, to unblock gang members from your gang. Rank +12
/beaconlist Lists all your gangs current beacons and their numbers. Phase Shifter
/shift Phase shifts to one of your gangs beacon structures. Phase Shifter
/alert <x,y> [Ex. /alert 5,12] Sends an alert that a square is being attacked to your gang. Rank 11+
/alert <x,y> type [Ex /alert 5,12 attack] Use tags to define what type of alert you want to send: attack/defend/regroup/cancel Rank 11+
/glance See what guards and players are in a square next to you. Glancing
/phase <x,y> OR <person> [Ex. /phase 5,12 OR /phase Scott] Phase to a gang member or location in the wasteland. Astral Phasing
/summon <person> [Ex. /summon Twitch] Offer to summon a friendly player, they must then /accept Astral Summoning
/blast Allows you to blast an enemy building Astral Blast
/radiance Makes you invulnerable to damage for 60 seconds, movement cancels the effect. Radiance
/scan Allows you to scan the square you are on to find hidden or cloaked enemies. Scan Area
/hide Makes you invisible to all but friendly gang members, movement cancels the effect or you can cancel it by typing /hide again. Hide
/cloak Same as above only you retain the ability to move, drains focus while active. Cloak
/track <person> [Ex. /track Twitch] Allows you to determine if someone is in the wasteland and which direction they are from your current location. Basic Tracker
/shadow <person> [Ex. /shadow Twitch] Used after a player phases, shifts or accepts a summon from your current location to phase to their location. Phase Shadowing. (Temporal Phasing if shadowing while cloaked.)
/bomb Allows you to suicide on a square, damaging enemies present Astral Bomb
/heal <person> [Ex. /heal Zach] Allows you to heal someone that is on the same square as you that has been hurt. Healing Touch

Colorblind Support

Found in Options, Legacy offers support for those that are colorblind. Just use the drop down menu to enable, or disable this feature. Make sure to hit "Save Changes" at the bottom after changing this option. Below is what each gangs squares look like, with this feature enabled.

Colorblind Enabled

Warfare Abilities

For a full view, or a more in-depth view of abilities please see the Abilities page.

Radiance Allows you to use '/radiance' in the wasteland to make yourself invulnerable to damage for a minute. Requires a minimum of 40 focus but will empty your focus bar. Cannot attack, move or use any other abilities while active. Leaving the wasteland finishes the ability early.
  • Combat Study
  • Avatar Study
  • Quick Attack
  • Aimed Attack
  • Take Cover
Glancing Allows you to use '/glance' in the wasteland to see adjacent squares.
  • Warfare Study
Engineer You count for double when determining repair rate of a structure in the wasteland.
  • Warfare Study
  • Glancing
Presence You count for double when determining capture rate of a square in the wasteland.
  • Warfare Study
  • Glancing
Astral Phasing Allows you to '/phase' to friendly or neutral squares for 5 points of focus per square. Cost decreases to 1 point per square at max level.
  • Warfare Study
  • Avatar Study
Astral Summoning Allows you to use '/summon' in the wasteland to summon friendly players to you. Costs 5 points of focus per square decreasing down to 2 points at max level.
  • Warfare Study
  • Avatar Study
  • Astral Phasing
Astral Blast Allows you to '/blast' enemy buildings for 5 to 10 damage per skill level at a cost of 60 focus. Structure must be next to one of your squares.
  • Warfare Study
  • Avatar Study
  • Astral Phasing
  • Astral Summoning
Astral Bomb When activated this ability will injure you doing 20% per skill level of your current health in damage split amongst all enemies. (Max: 200 Damage)
  • Warfare Study
  • Avatar Study
  • Astral Phasing
  • Astral Summoning
  • Astral Blast
Basic Tracker Allows you to use '/track' for 5 focus and determine if someone is in the wasteland and which direction they are from your current location. Can be used while cloaked.
  • Warfare Study
  • Tracking Study
  • Avatar Study
Ether Attunement Will display a warning if someone attempts to shadow you without using Temporal Phasing and Cloak.
  • Warfare Study
  • Tracking Study
  • Avatar Study
  • Basic Tracker
Minds Eye Enhances your '/who' command to show members from all gangs although you will only see coordinates of friendly players.
  • Warfare Study
  • Tracking Study
  • Avatar Study
  • Basic Tracker
Phase Shadowing Allows you to use '/shadow' for 30 focus after a player phases, shifts or accepts a summon from your current location to try and sense their destination and phase you directly to them. Chance of success is 20% increasing by +20% with each level. Still may fail against avatars with temporal phasing. Can be used while cloaked.
  • Warfare Study
  • Tracking Study
  • Avatar Study
  • Basic Tracker
Temporal Phasing Enhances your phase ability to have a 50% resistance to shadowing. Also gives you a new phase message and lets you phase while cloaked.
  • Warfare Study
  • Tracking Study
  • Avatar Study
  • Astral Phasing
  • Basic Tracker
  • Ether Attunement
  • Minds Eye
  • Phase Shadowing


Players can take territory by staying on any square adjacent to one owned by their gang. If it is a neutral square (not owned by anyone), the control percentage for the person's own gang will rise. If it is owned by an enemy gang, that gang's control percentage will drop. The rate of change is determined by the number of players and guards on the square. Once a gang's percentage reaches 50%, they then 'own' that square, and it will change to the gang's color. Sitting on your own territory will cause your percentage to rise (it will not exceed 100%).


Due to the toxic atmosphere in the wasteland, a player's time there is limited. Every minute spent within the wasteland, his/her exposure to toxicity rises by 1%. Once a player's exposure reaches 100%, they collapse and are taken back to the hive. They then must wait until their exposure drops down to a reasonable level (90% or less) before returning. To recover, a player must spend 2 minutes per percent outside the Wastelands. Exposure drops 1% every 2 minutes in the Hive. This occurs on even minutes. On December 12th 2012 a new boost was implemented that allowed exposure to extend to 150% for a week as part of the Christmas Sale. They were able to be purchased starting January 1st from the Platinum Store.


In addition to exposure, fatigue is another factor that weighs down on you in the wastelands, although in a different way. For every person you kill in the wastelands, you gain a fatigue point, which decreases your total stats at the following increments: 5%, 10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, and 90%. You lose one fatigue point every even minute tick, such as XX:02 and XX:04. This makes for a much more competitive experience, as Avatars on -6 Fatigue have to wait 12 minute's until they're back to normal strength. Before the Fatigue system was introduced a Fully Equipped Avatar could come into a square and wipe out everybody there, whereas now after six kills the persons Fatigue would put the person to the strength of a lvl 15-20, who, of course, could easily kill said Avatar.


Guards are similar to hunting NPCs, except they do not give XP, and must be cleared from a square to gain control, or destroy a building upon the square they were on. Guards keep an eye over gang territory for the councils, although they are controlled completely by AI. They redistribute themselves hourly, finding the most vulnerable areas to guard. Guards have different levels, with 85 on HQ - 80,60,40,20 fanning out from deployed HQ, and 70,50,30,10 fanning out from undeployed HQ. In basic, the further from the HQ, the weaker they are.
TC GuardDF GuardBoD GuardOC Guard



Headquarters are the base of operations; every gang has its own. When entering the wasteland, a player will begin at his/her gang's headquarters. The gang's council and the War Advisor (rank 14) are be able to move the gang headquarters by first undeploying them, then controlling their direction (move north, west, etc). Deploying headquarters will take six hours, as will undeploying. Once undeployed, a HQ can move one square on every 15 minute tick. A headquarters also gives 50 power.

Deployed Gang Headquarters

HQ Deployed.png
Undeployed Gang Headquarters

HQ Undeployed.png

Gang Buildings

Structures are purchased and built by gangs, and can be "attacked" by enemy gang members. This happens automatically as its housing square is taken. Stuctures cost Gang Points and metal to build, and power to stay active. These are the current structures available.

Power used
Power Station Gang1power.gifGang2power.gifGang3power.gifGang4power.gif Generate power to use wasteland buildings and objectives. +50 total power 1000 metal
20 gang points
1500 N/A
Metal Refinery Gang1mine.gifGang2mine.gifGang3mine.gifGang4mine.gif Mine deep in to the wastelands and refine metal. +5 metal per hour 30 gang points 2000 25
Defensive Turret Gang1def n.gifGang2def n.gifGang3def n.gifGang4def n.gif This turret will help fight off any enemies. +5 to local guard level
+10% to local player stats
500 metal
10 gang points
800 10
Barracks Gang1barracks.gifGang2barracks.gifGang3barracks.gifGang4barracks.gif Increase the total guards at your gangs disposal.
(Limit: 2)
+50 total guards 4000 metal
100 gang points
5000 50
Beacon Gang1beacon.gifGang2beacon.gifGang3beacon.gifGang4beacon.gif Allow quick teleportation to a location with phase shifters
(Limit: 5)
Phase to with shifter
Enter from Overview with shifter
250 metal
20 gang points
500 10
Radar Gang1radar.gifGang2radar.gifGang3radar.gifGang4radar.gif Allows viewing the percentage of gang control on every square your gang owns
(Limit: 1)
As description, except when Radar Jammer objective is active 500 metal
20 gang points
1200 15


Objective are what the gangs fight over, there have been many objectives and more still to come. Here is a list of the objectives that have been made for the Wastelands. Not all objectives have, or ever will appear on one map. This is just a list of the ones that have been made.

Name Image Description Capturable Round Used
Field Hospital Field Hospital Allows the controlling gang members to heal 24 hours a day without having to wait for the hospital to open. Sells Vicodin to members of the controlling gang (must be at least Rank 2). Yes 1,2,4,5,6,8,9,10
Warfare Shop Warfare Shop Sells various weapon upgrades to members of the controlling gang. Yes 1,2,5,6,9,10
Alien Artifact Alien ArtifactAlien Artifact Can be used once per day, when activated this artifact can protect your gang members, granting them +10% armor for one hour. Yes 1,3,5,7,9,11
Prototype ERS Prototype ERSPrototype ERS Can be used once per day to clear your whole gang of fatigue and exposure. Has a 25% chance to malfunction. Using it requires your gang has 150 spare power. If it malfunctions it will clear every gangs exposure. If it is successful it will clear only that gang that activated it. Yes 2,3,6,7,10,11
Radar Jammer Radar Jammer Can be used once per day when activated it blocks out the overview from all four gangs. Also stops the building of structures. Yes 3,7,11
Neutral Square Neutral Square This objective cannot be captured, it allows phasing by any gang and counts as one of your squares to all adjacent. No 2,6,10
Phase Disruptor Phase Disruptor Can be activated once per day. Once active it will remain active for 1 hour and disable radiance, shadowing, summoning, cloaking, phasing, shifting, astral blasting and scanning for enemies only. Yes 12
Sentry Control Sentry Control Allows the controlling gang to select which gangs the Sentries attack on sight when they are active. On map with Sentries, those non-player characters patrol around regardless of gang control and guards, attacking any they perceive to be their enemies. They are only active for a few hours at a time and this time is selected randomly. Yes 12
Grounding Sation Grounding Sation Whoever controls the Grounding Station can pick up to 2 conduits that will lock every hour, an additional 4 will lock at random. The Grounding Station only unlocks to the gang who did the weakest in the last hour, square count wise. No 35
Radiation Cannon Radiation Cannon When a Cannon Switch is activated in the Wasteland, the Radiation Cannon fires a shot with a 25% chance of failure (75% if the disruptor is active) at the location of the switch, dealing 150 damage to buildings, 300 to NPCs and Players, 25% control and 5% Radiation to adjacent squares, and twice on the targeted square. Yes 36

Objective Error

Objective Error is what you get when you try to enter an objective but it does not allow you to enter because your headquarters is too close to the objective. However you don't get the normal amount of points for holding it as of 2010. Here is a guide below which shows you where the objective is and how many squares away your Headquarters has to be to enable you to use it. Additionally, if a gang's HQ is within the red zone of an objective, all the objectives that gang controls and the squares those objectives occupy will count for 0 points each hour until the HQ has been moved.

Controlling an objective normally grants 10 points per hour for the square and 190 points per hour for the objective itself. So 200 points per hour, per objective you control. If you have your gang HQ in the red zone of any objective you get 0 points, per hour, per objective you control. You still gain points as normal for non-objective squares.

Objective Error.png