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Update 1.7.00

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Patch version 1.7.00 contained a huge amount of changes to game mechanics and the stat and Template Design system. The changes are listed below with some added explanation and some questions/answers at the end. Feel free to add questions if you have them and we will post the answers.

PATCH : 1.7.00


o Removed old security forums from main forum.
Old Template!

o Added new flame forum with agreement page.
o Disabled IMG tags in new flame forum.
o Changed the way Online Now works as per blog.
o Increased accuracy of last online in profiles.
o Added nightly sync of activity times from sessions to accounts.
o Increased accuracy of previous days total login count.

o Added gang chat to warfare.

New Template!

o Fixed special character HP values in hunting setup.
o Players can no longer heal through voting while in the wasteland.
o Players can no longer dodge exposure by leaving the wasteland for ticks.
o Adding spaces to side chat comments no longer bypasses filters.
o Fixed viewing your own rank in gang only top lists.
o Fixed random assignment of gangs on signup.
o Updated mobile payment options to match some onebip changes.
o Fixed clan creation request page to once again work without error.
o Players no longer gain exp from enemies in warfare after 2+ kills.
o Minds Eye is now correctly a level 80 ability.
o Fixed chatting in warfare and side chat not updating sessions.
o Line wrapped emotes in warfare chat no longer lose their color.
o Expanded description of hide ability to better explain cooldown.
o Hospitals will now heal you no matter how minor your injuries.
o Max price of market items is now correctly increased.
o Corrected GCode parsing in clan forum signatures.
o Custom legacy forum signatures work again.
o Fixed online icons in clan forums.
o Fixed chat moderator titles in forums.
o Fixed titles the above fix broke.
o Fixed problem with name changes not registering correctly.
o G-Code Manual can now be viewed while outside the hive.
o Fixed javascript errors in IE when fighting guards.
o Fixed subscriber only gang outfit items displaying to non-subscribers.
o Fixed parsing of reason lines in gang logs.

o Added sex change option to subscription trade in.
o Ban time remaining will now show in player profiles.
o Banning players will now be called jailing.
o Jailing will no longer be permanent or pending deletion.
o Players can now be shrubbed.
o Shrubbed players can login but only to message staff.
o Shrubbed players will be auto-deleted after 30 days.
o Fixed minds eye who list to show friendly cloaked players.
o Fixed moderator titles in forum posts.
o Fixed name change to update advent calendar records.
o Fixed name change to correctly move staff comments.
o Fixed ERS to correctly clear everyones exposure on malfunction.
o Fixed name change not updating dev server accounts.
o Fixed moderator and subscriber banners in forum posts.
o Fixed some blurry incorrectly sized item images.

o Added market storage to markets.
o Added market storage control to market setup.
o Added storage slot purchase to subscription control panel.

o Cull the Weak will no longer progress from unconfirmed accounts.
o Fixed some problems with combat log overflowing.
o Fixed wiki search on main page.
o Fixed profile percentage rounding to match character module.
o Fixed private army achievement to add correctly.
o Fixed bug stopping players from shutting down clans.
o Fixed bug with some special characters in AJAX scripts.
o Fixed warfare overview to update after guards on hourly ticks.

o Added a 6000 item limit to market stands.
o Increased accuracy of track error messages.
o Staff can no longer be tracked in warfare.
o Staff will now show up in glances.
o Fixed shadow and track when on exact focus amount.
o Fixed who list not to show cloaked players.

o Added new avatar tracking abilities to the game.
o The ERS will no longer wipe exposure or fatigue when it malfunctions.
o Stat and character modules can now be hidden without killing javascript.
o Female achievement outfit rewards now function correctly.
o Radiance, cloak and hide will no longer take focus when they fail.
o System status can now be viewed while in the wasteland.
o Removed tooltips from number version of character module.
o Fixed attack links in online now for avatars with astral vision.
o Fixed back links from outfit selection and hunting.
o Fixed page reloading when attacking guards.
o Fixed display of system down messages while in warfare.
o Fixed any chance that players could be locked in warfare while injured.

o Added ability to customize hue and saturation of outfit items.
o Market price limit increased to 999,999 credits.
o Market purchases will now be cancelled if prices change.

o Added spectral item support to inventory.
o Added spectral item information page.
o Added spectral item details to profile pages.
o Added aura support to characters.
o Spectral item carriers are now immune to fatigue.
o Spectral items will now be stolen upon killing the carrier.
o Removed ability to drop, sell or trade spectral items.
o Hunting and job deaths will now send spectral items to the abyss.
o Neutral square not so neutral if one player has a spectral item.
o Gaining a spectral item now heals you to full health and wipes fatigue.
o Online now changed to include people in the wasteland, regardless of idle time.
o Fixed read and unread status on the main page.
o Fixed a handfull of dead linked items.

o Extended movement locks now trigger correctly with phases.
o Staff in a square will no longer trigger 10 second movement locks.
o Cloaked and hidden players will no longer trigger 10 second movement locks.
o Movement lock errors will now be more accurate.
o Friend logins removed from combat log for non-subscribers.
o The combat log will now display the last 30 lines instead of 20.
o Fixed the Prototype ERS, it is now fully functioning.
o Fixed black jack dealer to hit on a soft total over 21.
o Fixed script lockup in warfare when injured and sending a command.
o Fixed bug with gift boxes not being deleted from the database.
o Fixed issue with guard fight pages not displaying.

o Added 3 new preset backgrounds to template control.
o Added 11 new quick link options.
o Made selecting preset backgrounds more intuitive.
o Warfare overview now updates every 5 minutes instead of 15.
o Subscriber space in inventory no longer distorts the template.
o Training new abilities will now display in the security log.
o Giving away subscription time will now display in the security log.
o Replying now works in wastelands while radiance or cloak are active.
o Session expired login boxes will no longer display in history.
o Players must now be rank 6 to be appointed to higher gang ranks.
o The combat log will no longer inform players about imaginary messages.
o Moved logout button to right side of template.
o Fixed embedded midis in player profiles.
o Fixed click and drag to select text for non-firefox users.
o Fixed inventory in chrome, safari, opera and ie.
o Fixed mass deletion of automated messages.
o Fixed go to page option in forum threads.
o Fixed display of account name when awarded assist exp.
o Fixed rounding of experience percentage in information.
o Fixed reversing of combat log when handling multiple lines.
o Removed player staff position from the game.

o Added new universal customizable template.
o Added active combat log to top of template.
o Added template control page.
o Added revert to default option to template control.
o Added clear combat log option to template control.
o Added active combat log controls to template control.
o Added real time javascript pop up chat history.
o Added view inventory button to warfare page.
o Added new option to adjust height of warfare chat in settings.
o Added link to most relevent page to each combat log entry type.
o Clicking wasteland on quick links now returns you to warfare.
o Expanded warfare chat in width and height.
o Increased the max character count in warfare chat from 50 to 150.
o Incorporated warfare chat in to the side chat flood control.
o Incorporated history in to warfares main chat window.
o Xens Dojo will no longer charge twice if double clicked.
o Fixed various bugs with character width estimation.
o Fixed playerlist not updating in the wasteland.
o Fixed long hair to correctly display in front of accessories.
o Enabled all pages on top menu while in warfare.
o Rewrote and optimized template handling.
o Removed the multi-attack error screen from PvP fights.
o Removed all old templates from options.
o Removed all old backgrounds from options.
o Removed option to disable real time side chat.
o Removed bar controls from options.
o Removed history button from gang warfare.


How do I change my template?

You can change your template by going to Template Control under the Settings drop-down menu.

How can I change the text color?

You can change your text color by going to Template Control under the Settings drop-down menu.

What's the combat log and what shows in it?

The combat log is a live feed of things happening to YOU or your ACCOUNT. The things included are:
You can choose from the following; attacks, win/loss, credit transfers, item transfers, market sales, subtime transfers, ability training, favor/disfavor messages, gang favors / disfavors, gang alerts, public gang log entries, clan rank changes, clan logs, achievements, mail, work progress, friends logging in, blog posts and edit / deletion / replies to your forum posts.