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System Removed
This article is about a system/item in or around the game that has been removed. Any information on this page may be out of date. It's just kept for historical purposes!

Subscriptions are similiar to a 'plus' version of the game. Zorg implemented the subscription system so that he could make a living off of the game, meaning he has more time for making updates. You can either buy Subscriptions via PayPal, using your mobile phone (available for players in UK, US, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands) or from other players for credits. The usual going price for subscriptions in c's can range anywhere from 800-900c per subscription. The subscription lasts exactly one week, and the benefits are as follows: Special Outfits - As a subscriber you will gain access to a variety of special subscriber only outfit items, although the amount you have access to is dependent on your level. Faster Ability Training - Subscribers get +2 extra ability points every hour. This stacks with speed reading, it is of some use to those over level 20 but is most useful for avatars. Badge and Banner - Once you become a subscriber you get a banner in your profile for life. You also get a badge next to your name for the duration of your time subscribing. Forum Title - On all your forum posts you will have the word "Subscriber" written under your character in the same way Avatars and Staff have things under theirs. Double Inventory Space - Subscribers get 20 slots of free space in their inventory instead of the standard 10. These extra slots will lock if your time runs out though, leaving any items in the extra slots unusable until you renew your subscription. Friends List - Keep track of when your friends are around with this Friends List. Store up to 20 accounts and easily check when they were last online. Battle Clinic - Subscribers gain access to the special battle clinic, allowing them to enter custom stats for 2 players and calculate average stats for a fights outcome. Cheaper Tokens - The tokens sold in the token exchange are normally 15c each, but subscribers get a 5c discount. Meaning they can buy them for just 10c each. Longer Lasting Items - Any item purchased in a shop by a subscriber comes with 3 trades instead of the normal 2. This includes the casino shop, hospital and normal shops. Longer Lasting Drops - Any items you find while hunting come with 3 trades instead of the normal 2. Increasing their value on the market if you choose to sell the item to another player. Max Turns Increased - Subscribers get increased turn caps of 7500 hive turns and 4000 warfare turns, so they can go inactive for longer without losing out. Turns added per hour remain the same. No Account Deletion - Subscribers are never deleted for being inactive. As long as your subscription time doesn't run out, your account will not be deleted for inactivity.

Zorg decided from the start that he would not give any major gameplay advantages to subscribers over non-subscribers. This keeps the game completely fair for everyone.

Trade in Subscription


Subscribe item1.gif Permanent Account (Cost: 150 days) - Your account can never be deleted due to inactivity. However, permanent accounts may still be subject to staff punishments such as bans and deletion if rules are broken. Your new permanent account status will be visible on your information screen. Non-subscriber permanent accounts get a special green badge (Perm badge.png), subscribers who make their accounts permanent get an alternative green subscriber badge (Perm sub badge.png).
Subscribe item2.gif Name Change (Cost: 200 days) - This item can only be purchased once every 6 months at the most and can be used to change your account name. Nobody else can signup with your old name for the full 6 month period, during which time your old profile link will redirect to your new name. Your current profile will also show the name you changed from. Messages will be redirected to your new name, your clan and gang memberships will be updated as will your market stand. The only thing that will not be updated is your forum posts, which will remain under your old name. Although you will retain your post count.
Subscribe item3.gif 3 Extra Storage Slots (Cost: 7 days) - This item can be purchased multiple times up to a total of 1200 storage slots (including the 3 that you get for free). Each storage slot can store a stack of a single type of item, there is no limit on how many items may be in this stack. Please note like items for sale the storage system has a maximum item capacity of 6000 and as such you will not be able to store more than 6000 items there regardless of how many slots you purchase.
Subscribe item4.gif Sex Change (Cost: 70 days) - This item can be purchased multiple times up and has no restriction on how often it can be done. This will change your character to the opposite sex and replace all your current outfit items with those of the opposite sex.