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Here you can spend your tokens on special items, available from this shop. All items purchased here can be used, equipped, or traded on the market.

Tokens can be obtained by playing various games within the Casino, purchasing directly from the Casino, Raids, or completing Daily Quests for Diego.

  • If you have a Casino Card (Silver Card, Gold Card, or Platinum Card) you will be refilled to the amount the card provides at the end of every day. The Gamblers Delight Status Effect will also increase this by another 50 Tokens and any level of Staff Favor will add an additional 25 Tokens.
  • The Token Boost Status Effect purchased with Platinum is useful if you plan to purchase a large quantity of Tokens.

Shop Inventory

Items Always Available

Image Item Name Cost Description
X Boost X Boost 400 Tokens This #00AAFF bubbly liquid seems relatively safe to drink, giving the drinker temporary 1337 h@k1ng $killz.
Silver Card Silver Card 500 Tokens Special Item that requires level 0, Tokens, Increases the maximum number of tokens you get daily from 50 up to 75.
Playing Cards Playing Cards 800 Tokens With razor sharp edges this full deck of playing cards can be lethal. With a good aim they can get through gaps on some of the best armors.
Gold Card Gold Card 1,000 Tokens Special Item that requires level 0, Tokens, Increases the maximum number of tokens you get daily from 50 up to 100.
Samurai Armor Samurai Armor 2,000 Tokens This ancient samurai armor is designed simply for speed and agility. Very few other armors allow the same flexibility.
Bio Shell Bio Shell 3,000 Tokens This armor is constructed from a biological material that actually works along side the bodies own immune system to keep the user alive.
Magma Plate Magma Plate 4,000 Tokens So named as the unique metal it is shaped from can only be crafted at the temperature of molten rock, this armor is designed to absorb almost any attack. There are only a few known to be in existence.
Chaos Armor Chaos Armor 5,000 Tokens Armor worn and used by many veterans of the Wasteland, created using some of the latest technology available in the hive.
Aberrant Paint Aberrant Paint (Chaos Armor) 1,000 Tokens A special paint that seems to change specific items into something... aberrant.