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The Hospital is one of the few places you can get healed by talking to one of the three Doctors (Smith, Jones and Izan) to be fully healed for a certain amount of credits. After healing, a player is also protected from attack for a certain amount of time-six minutes, or three victories against a player (whichever comes first). Hunting wins do not count against this. The hospital also removes exposure for 20 warfare points per percentage, avatars visiting the hospital when closed will automatically be redirected to the sanctuary.

Healing Items

The Hospital also sells healing items. When bought, these items go straight to your Inventory. You can then use these to heal yourself, or to revive yourself. Items that add to your health can only be used when you are healthy. Only the Revival Kit can be used to make you healthy when you are injured. The items that can be bought are shown below.


Many of these items can also be found from higher level hunting characters.

Opening Times

At certain times of the day, the Hospital is closed. Many have speculated about why this happens, but the main theory is that Zorg does not pay the Doctors enough. The times the Hospital is closed are shown below.

9AM - Midday

9PM - Midnight

Both times are shown by Server Time, or EST.

If you need to buy healing items when the hospital is closed, you can use the market, where you can buy healing items from other players for a price about 1-2c higher than in the hospital. But the hospital is always open for level 1-5's