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Credits, also known as c's or creds, are the currency used in the Hive.


Credits can be earned in many different ways:

  • Working at the Job Center
  • Selling hunting drops, usually through the Market
  • Selling items won in the Casino, usually through the Market
  • Selling Platinum in the Platinum Store
  • Loaning credits to players, collecting interest (note: this can be risky, as there are some scammers who will not repay their loans- be very careful about who you loan your c's to!)
  • Running games such as lottos, which require an entry fee (and usually have a cash prize). Usually only works if you are somewhat known and respected in the community.


Being the sole form of currency in the game, c's have many uses:


Always use the Market to buy and sell items. Trading items in any other way leaves you at risk of being scammed.