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Legacy - Version 2

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This is the current version of the game, formerly known as Legacy (and is still known as Legacy). There is no actual distinct line between this second version of Legacy and the previous one as game changes have been gradual and cumulative, much like how there is no exact moment in the transition from being an adolescent to being an adult. All versions since Gangsterz 2 - Version 2 have been one continuous incarnation since the version shifts were not marked by abrupt discontinuity, as were the first two incarnations of Gangsterz.


The year is 2510 AD, and the game is set inside a huge Hive city. The Third World War wiped out most of civilization, leaving the rest in ruins. Global warming has turned most of the planet into an uninhabitable desert. Humanity, however, lives on. Dotted around the globe are massive hive cities. These cities vary in size, and the one you currently live in is not only the biggest, but it was the first! Most of the city is now lawless, with people unable to survive in the arid wastelands surrounding it, effectively imprisoning them in the hive. Nonetheless, vicious territorial wars are waged in the surrounding areas that are close enough to the hive to be reached before the effects of exposure set in.

Current Features

  • Full player vs player attack system.
  • Graphical Inventory.
  • NPC (Non-Player Character) Hunting System.
  • Full Casino with 5 Games and its own currency
  • Customizable Outfit System.
  • Complete Integrated Forums.
  • Trainable Abilities
  • In game message system.
  • Staff ticket support system.
  • Player run item market.
  • Real time Online Chat.
  • Clan system with player run clans.
  • Gang system with four gangs.
  • Achievements
  • Customizable Template
Legacy Portal

Changes - Since Legacy

  • New Character Design system that changes hue and saturation to produce new designs.
  • Changed game update log system to increase transparency with changes in code. Internal version numbering (i.e. 'Legacy 1.4.1') became obsolete.
  • Warfare turn system removed. Replaced by focus system.
  • Overhauled achievement system.
  • Weekly casino tokens ranking added. New weekly top 10 "Most Tokens Earned" honor.
  • Hospitals rebuilt with new wasteland exposure removal options purchased with warfare points. Combat items previously purchased with those points no longer available from the warfare rewards shop.
  • Full crafting system which includes the Shadow Facility where you can craft items, split crystals back to their lower form and transfer item exp to another item.
  • A new area in the hive called Hive outskirts in which you can visit to buy crafting supplies.
  • A weekly Legacy podcast.
  • A few NPC quests that allow you to unlock new abilities.
  • Chat Channels where you can chat in a main channel, or chat with your gang in designated channels.
  • Raids.

Work in progress...




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Voluntary Helpers
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Attack System
Warfare System

  • 2004 - ... no game ...
  • 2007 - Legacy
  • 2010 - Legacy (V2)