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Halloween 2012

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Screenshot of the Halloween theme used for this year

Date of Launch:
Oct. 26th 2012

Event Ran Until:
Nov. 12th 2012


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This Halloween consisted of the always spooky Costume Design and Horror Story Contest, Joe selling his usual goodies, costumes all around, the return of the Murder Mystery game, and the ever popular Costume Contest!

Special Items

The haunted candy given to players for Halloween of 2012
Bag of Candy 10c Bag of candy.png Give to your friends to celebrate halloween, it will heal
you for 75 health, but cannot be used when injured.
Plastic Horns 500c Plastic horns.png Wear these plastic devil horns to celebrate halloween,
although they serve no other purpose.
Plastic Halo 500c Plastic halo.png Wear this plastic halo to celebrate Halloween, although
they serve no other purpose.
Halloween Candy N/A Halloweencandyitem.png A bag full of Halloween Candy, that will restore your
energy to full when consumed.


These are various costumes that players and Staff used during Halloween time

ScottV.gif WillHalloween.gif HellsBlastHalloween.gif PaineHalloween.gif Fire4smileHalloween.gif LangerHalloween.gif FlaggHalloween.gif MrsPringleHalloween.gif BebeDollHalloween.gif MaceyCharacter.gif

Halloween Spooky (Costume) Contest

Was hosted by Scott in the Main forum. This year it consisted of a first second and third place however. First came Matty (+4 Staff Favor & Prize1 banner.png Banner), second went to overlord88 (+3 Staff Favor) then third went to Ryze (+2 Staff Favor)


Matty's winning entry:
Mattyr's Halloween Entry!

All my life, I believed that death was the end.

For many years, I lived a peaceful life. Free of violence, death, bloodshed, but it was all for nothing. I didn't deserve this, not now, not any time. My only passion in life was to spread peace and happiness. I wanted to set an example for my kids, in the hopes that they would do the same. Murder is a horrible thing, you know. Not just physically, but spiritually and mentally, too. Why would somebody have the anger, the unholyness to commit something like... like this?

He didn't know, however, that I would be back. That I would come back and let him live the pain, the misery that I did. That I would come back up from the ground, itself and, in God's name, rip him to shreds; let him feel every single ounce of pain that I did. I don't know why the Lord has resurrected me in this way, but I do know one thing: it is certain, he will pay in blood. For the people's sake, for my children's sake, and for my sake - now I cast a long shadow, over the man I killed with my bare hands and wonder why death has brought me such anger. I want to do it again. I want to end the life of somebody else that has caused just as much harm to others as this man has to me. I want their blood, too. To savor the taste of their fear in my mouth. I have changed, but I think it was for the better. God wanted me this way for a reason. I will fulfil his wishes.


overlord88's entry:
overlord88's entry for the Halloween competition!


I opened my eyes to a glaring light being flashed upon my eyes. there were people, or rather zombies.....i realized that i was strapped to a table close to collapsing. i struggled to free myself from the straps, i failed. my body was shaken and i was trembling in fear. the zombies were rotting, missing limbs, and one of them had an empty eye socket, that one glared at me. it was as though he wanted to kill me no matter what, as if the world was at stake. then, i saw something creep out of his eye socket, it long and slithery. a snake came out of his eye slithering around his head. i nearly wet myself just looking at the snake.

Then, at the corner of my eye, i saw someone holding a shotgun. "SAVE ME!!" i pleaded. the man shot the zombies down. he came up to me, and said as he freed me from the table: "are you okay? im John". "im Smith" i replied. he whistled with a shriek and in came 2 other men. "these guys are Jack and Ralph" introduced John. they handed me a shotgun and told me we were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, seeing the hundreds of zombies in the distance, i quickly believed them.

They trained me to use a shotgun so that i could survive for as long as possible. one day when we were fighting off zombie near our base....Ralph said: "where is the ticking coming from!?!". but no one heard anything. "WHERE IS IT COMING FROM!!?!" exclaimed Ralph. we thought he went crazy from all the fighting. a few seconds later, his body exploded, it was brutal. blood everywhere, his limbs scattered around our base. we paid our respects and moved on to a new base.

As we were moving, Jack started to hear something. "its.....its......THE TIC--" he blew up before he could finish his last sentence. me and John were the only ones left, we decided to get out of the city. half way though John was scared half to death. a few moments later, "i hear it too.....Smith....SMITH!! HELP ME!!!!!" i knew what was coming....i watched in fear as my best friend was scattered all over the street.

I was about to die from the grief and fear running through my body. i ran to get out of the city, i ran as fast as i could. i could see the edge of the city, i was so relieved! as i was about to step over the border, my body froze. i couldn't move my own limbs. it hurt. i didn't know what was going on. then i see something....not a was...something else. it had a black robe, a pumpkin for a head, and in his hand, a weapon i've never seen before. it was terrifying, i felt fear i never even knew existed. then i heard it. tick...tick...tick...tick..........tick.


Ryze's entry:
Ryzes' entry for the Halloween competition!

The Snake King

Year by year, people would come up missing. Adventurers wanting to see if the rumors were true wandered into the mountains hoping to find the Ancient Sadhr but were met with a surprising slithering death. The townsfolk passed off markings, his sheded flesh, and used it as a "favor" from him to start their ceremonial fires. Sometimes bones would appear with the skin as a warning to the townspeople that they had let too many wanderers pass-on through.

"One night, back on the full moon he... it... arrived in the town. Transformed, with a long body and eyes so gold, he wrapped around the village elder and snapped! Pushing out his tongue ever so slightly to feel the fear of his prey, he constricted one good push and killed the sage sending shivers down the spine of all the villagers, including me! Since then, no one has seen the snake but he still leaves his offerings for worship.

Although more bones have been appearing by the gates...

Funny Mentions!

FatTony's entry:
FatTony's entry for the Halloween competition!

I'm FatTony, the story tells itself.

zerocomman's entry:
zerocomman's entry for the Halloween competition!

I was in the middle of a wasteland recon mission when I stumbled upon a dying Zorg. Upon realizing there was no chance of saving him, I put a bomb in his stomach and am now trekking over to deliver him to dark flame's hq.

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