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Halloween 2016

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Screenshot of the Halloween theme used for this year

Date of Launch:
Oct. 25th 2016

Event Ran Until:
7th 2016


Click here for Legacy's Halloween 2015!

Haunted Story Corner

Players were also given a chance to come up with a Halloween costume and story to send shivers down your spine.

The story to scare you this Halloween

faelust's tale:
faelust's Outfit

Darkness cast over the land as the Hive glinted its tiny beckons of light across the wastelands. They flickered against the night as fireflies would against the dusk sky, in and out they cast their glow. Buried deep beneath the twisted metal of the sectors that lay above, was a cave. The stench of death and blood wafted outward from the mouth of that wretched place. The walls cool and smooth carved from the very rock of the diseased earths crust. Here in the darkness she waited, quiet and solemn. Mother of Monsters they called her, Enchidna.

Out from her cave she ventured, into the toxic wastelands.

Second Place

Bizzly's tale:
Bizzly's Outfit

This tale begins with no ordinary bear, and this is no ordinary night. After all, this day is October 31st, AKA All Hallow's Eve.

Our bear, "Fuzzy," whose unmatched size and ferocity, strikes fear in the hearts of the bravest. It's easy to understand why. Fuzzy takes pride in his size, ferocity, and, most of all, his fur and claws (as all frightening and ferocious bears do). You see, Fuzzy's pelt is the thickest and the furriest of all pelts. What great defense he has! His claws, the coldest, sharpest, and steeliest of all claws, have slain many worthy and fearsome opponents. Oh, the misery they inflict!

While expanding his otherwise vast territory, Fuzzy discovers a strange forked path. Curious, he is. This path is not too far from his den, which lay deep within the forest of the outer Wastelands. This path lures him into four possible directions:

In one direction, a faint blue light emits from its path. Hmm.

Another path shines bright, an ominous red. Oh?

The third path basks in a warm yellow light, reminding Fuzzy of honey, and Fuzzy loves his honey!

Then, Fuzzy spots the last path, harboring the brightest of glows; the ambient color of life and health, the color of promise: green.

With a natural desire to expand his territory, Fuzzy heads toward the thickest, lushest, and greenest of paths: the one with promise of life and health.

Although Fuzzy senses danger on all four paths, he needs no backup; after all, he is the strongest bear in all of the outer Wastelands forest - with the thickest and furriest of pelts as well as the coldest, sharpest, and steeliest of claws.

As Fuzzy takes two steps into this promising green path, he inhales a satisfying, deep whiff of the lush, vibrant air. Oh yeah! This fills his lungs and senses with wonder as he exhales a blast of dense, warm, vapor.

Fuzzy doesn't know that this promising green path is actually well-protected, much more so than the other three paths, with forces never-before-seen outside of the Wastelands.

This path, although inviting, is guarded by...


The ground shook as Fuzzy drops hard to the earth. His quick and merciful death arriving shortly before his ears were ever greeted by the loud warning...


Perhaps Bizzly needed Fuzzy's pelt for defense? After all, he just acquired the thickest and furriest of all pelts. Or was it for the coldest, sharpest, and steeliest of claws? Those might be handy.

Or, maybe, it was for the sheer joy of murder? Bizzly did enjoy a good murder.

Bizzly hollowed out Fuzzy's head and then placed it over his own, like a helmet, still dripping with warm, thick blood. Fuzzy's head fit perfectly upon Bizzly's shoulders. Bizzly wore it for all to see. On All Hallow's Eve, he is...

<Cue upbeat "Winnie the Poo" theme song>

Bizzly the Pew

Third Place

GAGANB's tale:
GAGANB's Outfit

I feel it is my duty to inform you all, that as of last night, he vanished from his cell.

The Outcasts leadership have kept his existence a secret from other gangs, as well as its own citizens for many years. Why a secret, you ask? Well lets just say he represents a real threat to the Hive. He exists in a "phased" state, both here in the depths of OC Security, as well as another place in space time. Well that is before he escaped.

We have no idea of his intensions, but we did detect a large spike of Beacon energy.

I am sending out this Public Service Announcement to warn the citizens of the Hive not to use any technology related to Beacons. It may attract him to your location. My understanding is his power level is well over 9000, so approach at your own risk.

Stay safe out there this holiday season.

Honorable Mention

Jess's tale:
Jess's Outfit

disclaimer: my characters theme is the austin powers morning after nude scene where they have random objects cover their bits.

and now for how i came to be like this was the wasteland halloween party 2016 and after about 6 beers 3 shots of tequila and some sour green crap, i glanced across the bar. there i saw him, mog the moogle. he was standing next to will. who, wasnt looking too bad at this point either. however i knew that i must have that moogle! so i did the unthinkable and invited will home for some coffee.

scene and clothes missing*

i now have the moogle! but i cant find my clothes and must open a body painting stand to make money to buy new ones

stop by naked jess' body paint today and get your kibbles and bits painted!