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Murder Mystery

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Murder Mystery or "MM" is an event created by Scott with some help from his close connections, it requires a lot of complex thought and testing to make sure the event runs smoothly, the planning has said to take 20-30 hours in total, not counting the time to have the graphics created and the system prepared. When a version is released, blogs are created by Zaphar and a new area is added to the hive to allow players to make it easier, and clues/other objects are released within a set time frame, it is upto the player to guess correctly, guess right and you pass onto the next level and could fin huge prizes, get it wrong and you could be made redundant.

The event proved a huge success in 2010, in 2012 Scott released that a second version is to be released following constant player requests for it to come back.

2010 Version


Who killed Zorg?

This version was released on the 25th October by a blog from Police Chief Zaphar. Each day clues would be posted to players in the Crime Scene and it was up to them to guess correctly, if they got it correct they got a little more evidence to help with their investigations. This would go on until the final round when it asked for a murderer and it came onto the players duty to release a name.The winner of this event was JayDerZ who received a staff favor and some subscription time, however everybody who got the correct answer on the final day earned a special banner!The event Ended on the 31st of October. The Banner each winner received!

Scott's Blog Entry(Click to enlarge!)
Zaphar's Blog Entry(Click to enlarge!)

Evidence List

Evidence Day 1.png Evidence Day 2.png Evidence Day 3.png
Evidence Day 4.png Evidence Day 5.png Evidence Day 6.png

Correct Guesses

Correct Guess: Neltharion Correct Guess: X-1025 Correct Guess: FatTony
Correct Guess: faelust Correct Guess: Hospital Correct Guess: Black Jack Dealer

Zaphar's Blog Entry(Click to enlarge!)


Day Start (No. of Players) Won (No. of Players) Lost (No. of Players) End (No. of Players)
1 170 109 61 109
2 109 57 52 57
3 57 47 10 47
4 47 44 3 44
5 44 34 30 34
6 34 16 18 16 Winners!


  • Jess,
  • Aaron,
  • JayDerZ,
  • Varamin,
  • RottenJr,
  • DMaster,
  • Zymis,
  • Namiko,
  • Arryn,
  • Neltharion,
  • LowCal,
  • Guilt,
  • krzysiek84,
  • Yataragazu,
  • KevinMP,
  • Tycoon.

2012 Version

Who killed Hoofmaster?
In October of 2012 Scott released to the playerbase that his famous event would return for a second version. In the early hours of the 27th of October, Zaphar announced that a victim (Hoofmaster) was murdered and resources were stretched to the brim in terms of investigation capabilities and rose a call to any and all who could help uncover the devious murderer for Murder Mystery version 2. It was up to the players to use their knowledge of the game and the clues found at the crime scene (located in Sector 2 this year) to unravel this mystery. The event ended with 18 winners on the 3rd November 2012.

Scott's Blog Entry(Click to enlarge!)
Zaphar's Blog Entry (Click to enlarge!)

Evidence List

Evidence Day 1 v2.png Evidence Day 2 v2.png Evidence Day 3 v2.png
Evidence Day 4 v2.png Evidence Day 5 v2.png Evidence Day 6 v2.png

Correct Guess

Correct guess 1 v2.png

Correct Answer: Scott

Correct guess 2 v2.png

Correct Answer: Blood Crazed

Correct guess 3 v2.png

Correct Answer: Tyran

Correct guess 4 v2.png

Correct Answer: Avatar Blood (this is specifically the healing item)

Correct guess 5 v2.png

Correct Answer: Kari

Correct Answer: The Brotherhood Avatar
Zaphar's Blog Entry(Click to enlarge!)


Day Start (No. of Players) Won (No. of Players) Lost (No. of Players) End (No. of Players)
1 141 89 52 89
2 89 50 39 50
3 50 47 3 47
4 47 28 19 28
5 28 28 0 28
6 28 18 10 18 Winners!


  • Reload,
  • Farisees,
  • tghowcroft,
  • Will,
  • Steven,
  • zerocomman,
  • Musashi,
  • DMaster,
  • momatt101,
  • Tyson,
  • mentalboy,
  • Hommie,
  • Ice,
  • LowCal,
  • rollin340,
  • Tibos,
  • Varamin.

The prizes given for this years turned out to be a huge payout.

  • A maximum of +5 Staff Favor (+4, but lasts longer) was given alongside two banners by Scott.
  • A new item created by Steven was released the following Monday (5th November).
  • The Banner each winner received!
  • Each winner received the appropriate banner

Incorrect Answer

If at anytime an incorrect answer is given, the player would be met with the following message:

Incorrect answer