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Halloween 2011

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This years Halloween consisted of costumes, the normal items from Joe's Merchandise, candied apple as a gift, and a strange twist. Being hunted by a few new NPCs in the Wasteland.

Special Items

Candy Apple Gift Candy apple.png An apple covered in candy from Halloween, remember to brush your teeth!
Bag of Candy 10c Bag of candy.png Give to your friends to celebrate Halloween, it will heal
you for 75 health, but cannot be used when injured.
Plastic Horns 500c Plastic horns.png Wear these plastic devil horns to celebrate Halloween,
although they serve no other purpose.
Plastic Halo 500c Plastic halo.png Wear this plastic halo to celebrate Halloween, although
they serve no other purpose.

Special NPCs

Halloween NPCs.gif

As mentioned earlier, a few new NPCs were introduced to the Wasteland to bring a little bit of horror to Legacy. A few monks had become possessed and were now wandering the Wasteland. The Mad Monks were various in level, ranging from levels 20, 40, 60, and even 80. The higher the level, meant more HP, stronger attacks, and stronger defense. The Mad Monks were carrying a few items with them that they potentially would drop when defeated.

But to be feared even more were two well known horror icons. Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees had both came to Legacy and began to terrorize the Wasteland. These two nightmares had insane stats that included over 10,000 HP. Even a fully equipped and fully trained Avatar would receive at least 98 damage from these brutes every couple of seconds.

The creator of these horrors of the Wasteland was none other than DMaster. Zorg gave these two NPCs incredible stats and boasted that nobody would be able to defeat them. It didn't take long for people to find out what Zorg meant. People were now afraid to look away from their computer monitor for very long, knowing that Jason or Freddy could show up and run through them before they could react.

However, it didn't take long before a small group of people became brave and decided to try and tackle these two beasts. They didn't do this for what they would drop, because neither of these monsters had anything to drop. It was more or less for bragging rights, to say that they had defeated a well known nightmare. Various members from all four gangs decided they would do the "hit and run" technique. Phase in, attack two or three times, and run before their health was wiped out.

Many efforts were made, but only one kill was confirmed.

Jobu kills Jason.png