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Halloween 2010

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Click here for Legacy's Halloween 2009!

Screenshot of the Halloween theme

Date of Launch:
Oct 18th 2010

Event Ran Until:
Oct 25th 2010

Halloween was the biggest event Legacy had run in 2010. For the first time ever Zorg & Scott decided to open the Halloween event early, on 18th October, to "give people more time to play around with stuff." bcfcespley designed a special template for players to use, which can be viewed to the right. The Graphics Corner clan (involving bcfcespley, DMaster and Adria) designed and released a total of 44 new costumes! You may see these new designs at the bottom of the page.

A competition was held by bcfcespley in the Main Forum where the best suggested Halloween Design would win and then be created and uploaded. The winners of this competition were GAGANB and Matty.

Good Vs Evil Outfit
GAGANB's Good Vs Evil Idea
Matty's Zombie Bride Idea

And finally Pascal Started the Halloween Creep Contest in the Main Forum, you can read the winning story below.

However as impressive as this Halloween was turning out to be, the highlight of this event was Scott's Mystery Murder Game. For information on this game scroll down to the 'Murder Mystery Game' section.
A Candy Apple was available to all players as a free halloween gift and as usual the items were sold in Joe's Merchandise!

Special Items

Candy Apple Gift Candy apple.png An apple covered in candy from Halloween, remember to brush your teeth!
Bag of Candy 10c Bag of candy.png Give to your friends to celebrate halloween, it will heal
you for 75 health, but cannot be used when injured.
Plastic Horns 500c Plastic horns.png Wear these plastic devil horns to celebrate halloween,
although they serve no other purpose.
Plastic Halo 500c Plastic halo.png Wear this plastic halo to celebrate Halloween, although
they serve no other purpose.


Staff Designs
ZorgHalloween2010.gif OldGregScott.gif Dmwk.jpg Panda Pascal.gif MrBlobby.gif Neltharionhalloween.gif Maceyhalloween2010.gif
Player Designs
Aaron halloween2010.gif BradzZz halloween2010.gif Chipmonkey halloween2010.gif Citizen halloween2010.gif Guilt halloween2010.gif Indrid halloween2010.gif Nitrous halloween2010.gif
Dabi1909 halloween2010.gif Dirkie halloween2010.gif Naurix halloween2010.gif Ross halloween2010.gif Shaidar halloween2010.gif Fiftycal12 halloween2010.gif Pyro02 halloween2010.gif

Halloween Creep (Costume) Contest

Was hosted by Pascal in the Main forum. Star Won with a +4 reward!



Star's winning entry:
Star's Halloween Entry!

The Abused Wife

"Every night you drink the money left to pay all the bills but there's no room for "us" yet there's another bottle of pills!" And with a clack to the head, she was shown just what he thought of her opinion.
A rope to strangle her just to make sure she was "lifeless". Dragged out of the door by her legs, having her body be weathered by the stairs, bruising, cuts, and eventually being thrown into ravine... the scorned wife had survived.

Her lifeless body floated to a creek which was a lot less shallow than her husband had thought. Her body was not discovered...
because she wasn't done yet. Out for vengeance she now prowls around going after any man who even has a sight of anger in their eyes...
With the very same rope around her neck, infected cuts and bruises all around... she's will make her point one victim at a time.

Good Mentions!

Arryn's entry:
Arryn's entry for the Halloween competition!

Innocent Woman

This woman, after being falsely accused of being a werewolf, this woman got lynched by the hive people and died in a horrible, painful death. Her corpse got tossed outside the in the Wasteland without any respect at all for her death.
Hatred, sadness and refusal to die, created this wandering corpse. She decided to take cover in the Museum in Sector 1.

There's a reason why the Museum is rarely visited nowadays. Countless of reports have told that they heard horrible screams whenever they get close to the Museum. Screams and cries from people, like they were tortured.
Even some reports have told that intestines were seen outside the Museum, laying around the yard.

This woman is taking our her revenge on the hive people for not believing her pleas. She walks around at night, clubbing down people and bring them to the Museum.
There she will torture them in the worst possible way. Stretching, digging intestines, ripping and burning skins and decapitating limbs.

Stay out!

Hypno's entry:
Hypno's entry for the Halloween competition!

The names Anthony Edward Stalk.
I was once kidnapped and forced to build a weapon of mass destruction for the brotherhood avatars however i built a suit of armor to escape from captivity.

Years have gone by and i have used my suit of armor to help keep the hive a better place, however like everything in this world i too have a darkside and every year on the 31st of October i put on my ironman mask and my long black Gothic cloak and move around in the darkness of the hive looking for victims...
A lot of them beg before me, one even had the audacity to ask me what im wearing underneath my cloak...

I believe his name was anialator, hahaha... he soon found out as my parrot put him in a helpless trance i made my move...

removing my cloak i whispered in his ears...


Not wearing anything underneath this

and i then fired my missile up his ...

Badsniper's entry:
Badsniper's entry for the Halloween competition!

"I was once human. not anymore. I always knew there was other life out there, no one believed me. Determined, I found my answer, though it was not the answer I was looking for. my name was Buzz, and I was part of a secret military division called "Lightyear".
The "Lightyear" program was specifically designed to find life in other worlds. as it happens, we ventured into the howling dark, and found a small inhabited planet. the species was very similar to the "Bear" species, but these beings were far more intelligent than us.
they killed us quickly, and painlessly, but not me. After various harmful experiments, I was sent back to my home, where I was the mockery of my planet. the only survivor of a suicide mission, I had become a Bear. The military was shocked at my arrival, and denied my existence. seeking refuge I knew the only way to avenge myself, and my honor would be by killing those who did this to me...

...The humans shall go first."

Nemesis' entry:
Nemesis' entry for the halloween competition!

Name: Villain Emiya

Emiya as a child had always dreamed of becoming a super villain. Together with his loli sister, he wanted to kill as much people as he can. Unfortunately, his sister died due to her fragile body.

After his silver-haired loli died, he went insane. He used swords to wipe his own tears and left deep scars in his face. He started wearing a hockey mask to hide his scars.

Being in despair, he wants everyone to suffer the same fate as him. To honor his sister, he has decided to continue to pursue his dream by killing all lolis using his unlimited supply of swords and inhumane strength and speed.


Murder Mystery Game

Main Article located here: Murder Mystery

New Costumes!

Buzz Lightyear hatBuzz Lightyear's CoatBuzz Lightyear's PantsBuzz Lightyear's ShoesStormtrooper HelmetStormtrooper CoatStormtrooper PantsStormtrooper ShoesStormtrooper BlasterScream MaskScream KnifeIron Man's MaskIron Man's CoatIron Man's PantsIron Man's ShoesFreddy Krueger's HatFreddy Krueger's ShirtFreddy Krueger's TattooFreddy Krueger's GlovesJason's MaskJason's CoatJason's MachetteGood Vs Evil TattooGood Vs Evil CoatGood Vs Evil PantsGood Vs Evil TieNooseParrotParrotNooseFrankenbride's HairFrankenbride's CoatPrincess Zelda's DressPrincess Zelda's CoatSally's DressSally's HairSally's Head TattooSally's TattooPrincess Leia's CoatPrincess Leia's DressPrincess Jasmin's HairPrincess Jasmin's NecklacePrincess Jasmin's TopPrincess Jasmin's Pants

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