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Halloween 2009

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Screenshot of the Halloween theme

Date of Launch:
Oct 26th 2009

Event Ran Until:
Nov 6th 2009

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Halloween was opened by Zorg. In this years he released a new Character Design layout that lets you customise the color of your costumes by changing the hue / saturation on an image. As usual the items where sold in Joe's Merchandise!

Special Items

Bag of Candy 10c Bag of candy.png Give to your friends to celebrate halloween, it will heal
you for 75 health, but cannot be used when injured.
Plastic Horns 500c Plastic horns.png Wear these plastic devil horns to celebrate halloween,
although they serve no other purpose.
Plastic Halo 500c Plastic halo.png Wear this plastic halo to celebrate Halloween, although
they serve no other purpose.


Staff Designs
ScottV.gif ZorgHalloween.gif Dk16Halloween.gif GuiltHalloween.gif PieHalloween.gif Maceybhoy.gif

Player Designs
Grzesiek17halloween.gif DOGOBGYNhalloween.gif LordofDHalloween.gif Justtvhalloween.gif KahLanhalloween.gif Heggshalloween.gif Anarchyhalloween.gif
SHYSTAhalloween.gif DMASTERhalloween.gif ZymisHalloween.gif Twitchhalloween.gif Crimmyhalloween.gif Jesshalloween.gif Darkangelhalloween.gif

Costume Contest

Was hosted by Scott in the Main forum. Amore Won with a +4 reward!



Amore's winning entry:
Amore's Halloween Entry!

This is Anna, Once a princess of peace and virtue.
Of those petals on the ground which couldn't hurt you.
As she rose up in her own rights
Who'd of known she'd pay the price
For all those torn and all those broken
In her onslaught of wastelands token
She must now live a life of hunger
Killing those whom have no spirit much longer
Her well dressed attire and her shiny clothes
Make killing avatars easy to those
With no heart or no remorse
It is the wasteland, that Anna arose

Anna arose with a fiery wrath.
A descendant of god she lit the path
Corruption and solitude was what became
Of Anna the avenger that she'd proclaim
For who of those will bar my path?
You with the Scythe? you make me laugh
Your weapons are no match for me
A wave of my hand and lights out for thee

With one more panter and a deadly grip
she lay down to rest in wait and sleep

That is Anna for those not know.

Good Mentions!

GoldieDaak's entry:
GoldieDaak's entry for the halloween competition!

I'm Goldie. I was once a beautiful golden female from the tribe of "Golden Newbies". I was sent from my post apocalyptic village into the Wastelands to find vicodins in the abandoned hospital. The exposure to the toxic air began to change me. I became weak with fatigue and my skin became green and clammy and my eyes have turned red from the burning of the sun.

Even my wings, my beautiful wings have changed. I am now a soldier with the Outcast army. Since they are of the tribe of Green People, I was somehow accepted as one of their own.

I fight the good fight to keep the younglings alive and one day be able to find a cure for this disease. Most of my tribe have perished in the gang wars, but the Outcasts have taken some of us in and helped us to become strong again.

I keep watch over the warfare shop and sell items to those that are passing through to make money for new Avatar items. I must go in now, my exposure is too high........

LoveBunny's entry:
LoveBunny's entry for the halloween competition!

The names Butch, i'm the sherrif of this town.

I'm currently working undercover trying to investigate the mysterious dissappearences of people and the appearence of people with pumpkin heads.

I figured this is all linked, so i decided to head down to the Dark Alley to try and find out whats going on, but as i approached the entrance of the dark alley i saw a dark shadow leaving the other side.

Whilst down there I stumpled upon a body with a pumpkin head, it had been smashed up, I knelt down to examine the body. I Looked through his pockets and all I could find was some halloween candy I decided to take this as evidence.

"Looks like someone didnt want me speaking to him." I thought to myself.

As i stood up and turned around, I saw a group of hooded people, they then struck me with some sort of weapon which left me laying on the floor in that alleyway bleeding to my death.

6Vincent6's entry:
6Vincent6's entry for the halloween competition!
Image of the Joker!

So.. You wanna know how I got these scars?

My father was... A drinker, and a fiend! And one night.. He goes off craazier then usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself..

He doesn't like that.. Not... One... Bit.

So! Me watching, he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it. He turns to me heh.. and he says, "Why So Serious?" He comes at me with the knife.. "Why So Serious?!" Sticks the blade in my mouth.. "Let's put a smiiile on that face!"


Why so serious?

Jerich's entry:
Jerich's entry for the halloween competition!

Status: Active
Series: T-1000 (Z-1000)
Model: 103A5 v. 2.8
Purpose: Infiltration/Assassination

The T-1000 103A5 units feature the outer living tissue indicative to the T-8xx series and below, however the endoskeleton consists of an improved mimetic polyalloy to allow free transformation into any weapon or tool. As of the time of writing, it is ZorgNet's most advanced model.

Originally sent back in time for the purpose of killing Cyclone, the future leader of Legacy's resistance, there was an unexpected complication. The booming sound of the temporal rift being opened drew the attention of some nearby zombies outside 6Vincent6's Umbrella Corp., which swarmed the terminator and left it's living tissue infected with a T-Virus. This lead to the nickname "Z-1000". Although no threat to the terminator, the dead flesh completely negated any infiltration ability. As a result it now wears the flesh of a giant penguin to blend in with the humans, as it continues to hunt Cyclone and his brains.

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