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Username: DesertLady
Sex: Female
Birthday: April 29
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Relationship Status: Married
Current City: Perth, Australia
Gang: Dark Flame
Rank: Slaver

Character Designs
1st Character Design
2nd Character Design
3rd Character Design
4th Character Design
5th Character Design
6th Character Design


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Upon signing up, I was assigned to the gang Blade of Dawn. I worked hard and diligently, eventually being appointed to sensei (rank 11). Getting to avatar was quite a quick adventure. Took only 105 days and put me in debt to several generous people. Though I must say sometimes it looked like I'd never make it.

So close2.png
And then with my turns used and not even a percent left to go, I charged into Wasteland to get my rightly deserved level.

After much rejoicing, a party was soon established on 14,12 with with 10 avatars all from other gangs and even a staff member!
Unfortunately, fighting soon broke out when Base was called fat. But Bizzly and Guilt decided to give me presents! Soon after accomplishing avatar status, I was elected to BoD's Imperial Court. In a contest between the incumbent LordPain and rosi83, I won by a single vote over LordPain. I remained on Imperial Count for some time, even becoming Shogun for a short time. During my time as Imperial Court, I ran numerous seek-n-find like competitions. I even wrote a few books. I started work on a comic and illustrated War Journal but abandoned both ideas.
For a short time, I remained a rogue. Now, I'm a part of the gang Dark Flame.

I was once an active member of the clan Hell's Angels, where I wrote several short and humerous pieces on another member sumwish. For The Non-So-Mighty Adventures of Sumwish the Young DF Warrior, click here. Unfortunately, I had to leave the clan to join a BoD related clan.
I'm currently the leader of the clan The Cable Guys. The Cable Guys talks about movies and tv, and attempts to have games running in the forum.
Cabl icon.png
For more info about The Cable Guys, click here.


In the game, I have placed in two competitions, the Legacy Photo Comp and the Wiki User Page Comp. A reward of the User Page Comp was status as a sysop.
I have also written a book for the game library and helped to update another with Vader. I soon found that applications for forum moderators were opened. I applied and soon received the position of Forum Moderator.