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Special Thanks

DogBH.gif Lucas

Lucas and I first came into contact when I was a player and he was Accounts Admin. I was responsible for asking him a number of questions, including how i go about applying to become a member of the Staff team. He later got hired as Staff Admin alongside Deeg and he was the one that hired me as Staff as an Accounts Admin. He has helped me a great deal and has taught me how to be a staff member. which i am most grateful for. Coincidently I travelled up to Rugby, Northampton for a Swimming Gala and ate dinner at the Harvester Restaurant at the same time he was there. Unfortunately we did not see each other though.

NewFiction.gif Fiction

Fiction has been an Accounts Admin for longer than i can remember. After I was hired onto the staff team by Lucas, he taught me everything he knew about being an Accounts Admin and gave me all the tips and tricks on how to catch multi's. He has given me a lot of advice which has been carefully noted by myself. It is through his teachings that I can carry out my staff job correctly. As a fellow Accounts Admin, we worked together on tricky situations along with the other Accounts Admins for many months. Even though I was promoted to a Manager position, I still to this day value his wise opinions and often discuss real life matters with him because he's great knowledge and kind heart make him a fierce friend <3.

Scott.png Scott

Scott was hired just before myselfand he welcomed me into the Staff team ,giving me tips and pointers throughout my time as staff. He has helped me with many things both in and out of the wiki and has helped make my Staff job a lot as easier at times. His opinion and advice has always been worth listening to and even to this day I speak to him about any problems I have on (and sometimes off) of this game. Since becoming Projects Manager and asst. Staff Manager, I work with Scott pretty much all of the time on practically everything apart from Graphics, simply because he's such a great guy <3.

ZorgTile.gif Zorg

Even though Zorg's is an extremely busy guy he has pretty much answered any question I've asked and has taught me a great deal about the game. He gave his time to look over and analyse my Graphics and to point out where my faults were and I was extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to take on his notes of wisdom and alter my gfx ready to be uploaded. Once my designs had placed all the ticks in the right boxes, Zorg granted me powers to work with bcfcespley and dk16 in designing new clothing for the game before I then became the main GFX Admin! Moreover he also promoted me to Projects Manager which I am entirely grateful for! Since this promotion I've worked with him on many development aspects of the game and it's been a pleasure to work for and alongside him :D.

Pascal.gif Pascal

Let me start by saying that Pascal will always be known as 'simvader' or "simmeh!" in my eyes xD! I first knew him back when I was a player and he's possibly one of the very few people on this game who have been on my Friends List since I first started assigning players to it and is still there today. He is one of the oldest members in my clan Dark Samurai and one of the fortunate players I've never been tempted to kill :P. Once I found out Pascal was interested in becoming a Staff member I instantly knew he would be an excellent addition to our team. I've worked alongside him (or should I say worked for him) on the wiki and he was pestering enough to get me to design his staff custom character design, the astronault (or as we like to call it.. the "Spaceman!")! We still to this day work hard on our staff jobs and still manage to hold multiple conversations at the same time, on the Staff System and MSN!

Shade character.gif Shade

I first become friends with Shade when we were both hired by Lucas as Accounts Admins at the same time, well I was about a week after. We worked excellent together with Fiction and I really enjoyed becoming close mates with him, which I was unable to achieve as a player as we were more focussed on killing each other than talking xD. Anyway we both left the staff team at pretty much the same time too, however both for different reasons. After I rejoined the Staff Team and was single handedly running the Accounts show by myself, as Fiction was extremely busy with real life stuff and Warum was hired at a later stage, I realised how much i missed Shade! Then when he finally re-applied and was back working with me as Accounts Admin along with Neltharion I was over the moon and things were back as they used to be. He's a great guy to work with, but an even better guy to chat to on MSN ;).

Shak2.gif Shak

Shak is both my friend inside and outside of Legacy. We both signed up to the game at the same time and have pushed eachother to many achievements throughout the game. We spent much time helping each other in Dark Flame and in the Wasteland. Although i must admit, it was fun when he left the gang to join Blade of Dawn. Our battles were legendary! Shak helped me set up the clan Dark Samurai where to this day he still remains second in command. Our race to reach the rank of avatar was won by myself. I shook the hive rising the the rank of avatar about a week or so before him. To this day Shak is still helping me out here and there, expecting nothing in return.

Dark Flame.gif Dark Flame

Well what can I say about the gang I was in for around 3 years? Since day one I've enjoyed my time in this gang, making more friends than I can remember. Right from day 1 this gang helped me along the way, starting with Nemesis (who was known as hella back then) being assigned as my mentor<3. I learnt a lot from members in this gang but most importantly I discovered where I belonged as a player on Legacy. I spent over 14 terms as a Rank11 Slaver and spent several months as Rank12 Slave Master and what a team I was working with. Every single slaver and higher rank in this gang were excellent team mates and a real pleasure to work with. Those who I had the honour of fighting alongside in the Wasteland were truly outstanding. But anyway back to the 'special thanks'... I would like to individually thank some players who have been amazing and have really helped me throughout this game (even though some of the following players may have moved on to other gangs or may now have been deleted through inactivity):

Jobu, Doddsyboi, duncan2688, jonkers, Nemesis, Frost, K3nny(TakeDown07), hellgiver, hincha, Tibos, Kamouraska, chipmonkey, CodeHydro, rollin340, TGame, Flagg, Zlajo, Taffy, Food(willsie0).