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Old Account

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About Me

Hi, and welcome to my user page!

I live somewhere in Canada and that's all the personal information you need to know about me. My hobbies are other than playing legacy are playing PC games(mostly starcraft), watching Korean Starcraft proscene (Lee Young Ho fighting!), watching anime, and sometimes reading books.

I chose the account name 'Nemesis', because I am a fan of Resident Evil. I have been using Nemesis as my account name in almost everything that I sign up for. I made a user page before, but lost it in the wiki move to wikia, and never bothered to create one again until now, because of all the time and effort I put into that and ending up getting deleted. If you saw my old user page, you'll know that it was full of text. This time I'll keep it short (or at least try to).

Game Statistics

  • Level : 86 -Avatar(149th)-
  • Gang : Dark Flame
  • Account Status : Permanent
  • Referral Points : 10
  • Weapon Drops : 8
  • Crystal Drops: 23
  • Special NPC Drops : 2
  • Avg Daily Posts : 3

Game History

I started playing this game in September 2005. I was told about G2 by my brother, and I tried it. I asked to join a gang(now clans) called Demonic Elite lead by SilentOne. I became friends with the people there, and that gang is what got me addicted to this game.

After 164 days of playing, I was hacked during the zorgborg scandal. A person that called himself zorgborg sent me an email that there was a big updated and he needed my password. I thought I was not getting my account back as zorg stated that he would not be resetting password anymore after a couple of people got hacked, so I created my a new account called 'Hella' which I got from 'hell', and added an 'a'. I did not think about the forgot password button at the time because I was retarded.

The subscription update which allowed people to change their account name by trading 200 days of subtime allowed me to change back my name to Nemesis.

Now I am semi-inactive in the game as I seem to have lost my interest.


When gangs came out I was placed into Dark Flame. I wanted to be in any other gang except dark flame, because I did not like the idea of a dictatorship leadership. Most of my friends were in df, which made my decide to at least check things out. I met a lot of people in df which I liked which also contributed to my decision of staying. It was not like I pictured it. Although we do not vote on our leader, it was not complete dictatorship, members still had a lot of say in matters, or so it was back then.

Hunting Drops

  • Throwing knives.png 1x Throwing Knives
  • Grenades.png 1x Grenades
  • Sniper rifle.png 3x Sniper
  • Modded20pistol.png 1x Modded Pistol
  • Throwing20star.png 1x Throwing Star
  • Pink20crystal.png 12x Pink Crystal
  • Water20crystal.png 5x Water Crystal
  • Green20crystal.png 5x Green Crystal
  • Fire20crystal.png 1x Fire Crystal
  • Scythe.png 1x Scythe


  • G2 banner.png A true gangster from before the game's name change.
  • Connect banner.png Survived the near apocalyptic server move in our 4th year.
  • 1year banner.png Stood with us during the 1 year anniversary of the game.
  • 2year banner.png Stood with us during the 2 year anniversary of the game.
  • Level banner.png Achieved ranking among the Top 10 most experience gained.
  • Kills banner.png Decimated the hive, reaching the Top 10 highest wins.
  • Deaths banner.png Kept our hospital in business with the Top 10 highest losses.
  • Hunt banner.png Has been ranked among the Top 10 best hunters.
  • Warfare banner.png Has been ranked among the Top 10 best hunters.
  • Token banner.png Has netted the Top 10 highest tokens earned.
  • Hunting1 banner.png Defeated the Sector 3 Assassin Lisha.
  • Hunting2 banner.png Showed superiority over the mob, defeating their boss.
  • Hunting3 banner.png Silenced the corrupt police chief Zaphar, defeating him.
  • Hunting4 banner.png Set back X-Corp's plans defeating their founder Sythe.
  • Hunting5 banner.png Shook the foundations of the hive, defeating the Hive Lord.
  • Hunting6 banner.png Defeated Cerb the Gatekeeper of the sanctuary.
  • Hunting7 banner.png Shutdown X-1025 the Brotherhood of Blood's guardian.
  • Hunting8 banner.png Displayed ultimate power in defeating the Avatar Lord.
  • Spectral banner1.png Defeated a player and stole their Forgotten Amulet.
  • Spectral banner2.png Defeated a player and stole their Shard of Destruction.
  • Voting banner6.png Voted for our game over 6000 times.
  • Chat banner.png Spent over 5 days in our Online Chat.
  • Subscribe banner.png This player subscribed to the game during the old system.

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