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Dark Samurai

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Dark Samurai

Clan Banner

Voted Best Clan in the Legacy 2009 Yearly Votes!
Finished 3rd in Awesome Hour 10!

Overall Clan Stats
Leader DMaster
Clan Bank ???
Total Members ???
Current Top 10 Clan Rank ???
Total Levels ???
Average Level ???
Private Forum Threads ???

Clan Story

Once, long ago, in a god forsaken world, there was a master samurai that didn't know what fear meant. He was the best samurai who ever lived... No one could beat him.

His enemies started to attack in groups, even twenty men at once... None of them survives to talk about the fight.

One day, a new group of samurai warriors came to fight the master samurai. Two hundred samurai warriors were coming to face one man... The fight was a long one... But only a small few of the samurai warriors survived that fight. They saw that the master samurai was invincible... Not even a scratch on his body, and so they knelled before him asking him to become their master and to train them. He accepted and now they are one of the strongest clans around...They are DARK SAMURAI and their leader is the powerful DMaster.

They fight by the sword, they die by the sword!

Made By: TheWolf

The Original Clan Banner

2nd Generation Clan Banner

3rd Generation Clan Banner

4th Generation Clan Banner

Current Emperor


Old Clan Ranks

Dark Samurai (a.k.a Dark Emperor) - Leader

Dark Shogun - Asst.Leader

Dark Daiymo - Recruiter Rank

Dark Merchant - FundsManager Rank

Dark Assassin - Rank 1

Dark Spy - Rank 2

Dark Wanderer - Rank 3

Dark Follower - Rank 4

Can We Still Join This Clan?

No, this clan has undergone a total redevelopment and is no longer open for invitations. Instead it is more a memorable clan for those Dark Samurai legends whom have achieved many great things within the clan whilst it was one of the top, most popular clans in the game. This clan is now only used for DMaster's leisure and is a place where he discusses new GFX ideas, game updates and other top secret game information with those legendary Dark Samurai's and those whom he considers to be friends.

Clan Sigs

Dark Samurai Leader Sig

Past Dark Emperors

Since the creation and formation of the clan by the Dark Samurai DMaster, various followers who have proven themselves over time have been instructed to lead to clan to superiority. Here are the clan's past leaders:


D.S Legends

Here is a list of those brave dark samurai's who have gone out there way to make DS proud of them. Alongside their account name is also their role in which they served in Dark Samurai.

Legend Reason
DMaster Clan Creator
Shak Clan Supervisor/Clan Creator's Right Hand Man
k3nny Clan Finance Director
Nemesis Clan Supervisor
MSHOG Clan Donator
Zlajo Clan Donator/Supervisor
TheWolf Clan Slogan & Story Creator
Sabotage Clan Graphic Designer
BullZeye Clan Graphic Designer
lloydbanks Clan Supervisor
MasterK Clan Donator
Taffy Clan Supervisor
TGame Clan Wiki Designer (with DMaster)

Here is a list of the Staff Members who have been part of the clan:


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