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Revival Kit

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Revival Kit
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Revive yourself when injured using this revival kit. It also heals some HP.

A Revival Kit is used to bring a player back to Health when they have been Injured down to 0hp.


One of the main ways to bring a player back to health from 0hp (With the other being a direct heal at the Hospital). A Revival Kit at it's base form restores a player to 20hp but can be upgraded through Crafting to heal more while bringing a player back to Healthy Status.

Additional Uses


Craft Crafting Level Blueprint Type Required Items Special Notes
Upgraded Revival Kit Upgraded Revival Kit 3 Rare Blueprint 1xRevival Kit 1xSmall Medicine Increase heal amount using up to 4 Antibiotics increase heal by up to 5 each / Bandage increases heal by up to 2 each
Pure Revival Kit Pure Revival Kit 4 Epic Blueprint 1xRevival Kit 1xMorphine None
Exposure Revival Kit Exposure Revival Kit 5 Rare Blueprint 1xRevival Kit 1xBlue Pill Increase heal amount using up to 4 Vicodin increases heal by up to 10 each / Small First Aid Kit increases heal by up to 8 each
Focus Revival Kit Focus Revival Kit 5 Rare Blueprint 1xRevival Kit 1xPower Cell Increase heal amount using up to 4 Vicodin increases heal by up to 10 each / Small First Aid Kit increases heal by up to 8 each


The item can be acquired from:

  • Purchased from Hospital for 8c
  • Hunting Assassin: Lisha (Level 10), Residential Guards (Level 11-15), Hive Police (Level 16-20), Mob Boss: Big Al (Level 20), Hive Riot Police (Level 21-25), X-Corp Guards (Level 26-30), Police Chief: Zaphar (Level 30), Senate Guards (Level 31-35), X-Corp Bounty Hunters (Level 36-40), X-Corp Founder: Sythe (Level 40), Chamber Guards (Level 41-45), Hive Lord Bodyguards (Level 46-50), Guard Dogs (Level 51-55), Brotherhood Cultists (Level 56-60), Gatekeeper: Cerb (Level 60), Blood Crazed (Level 61-65), Sentinels (Level 66-70), Sanctuary Guards (Level 71-75), Brotherhood Avatars (Level 76-80), X-Corp Markswomen (Level 88-90)
  • Level 4 of Scavenging through Drone Drops in the Crafter's Guild
  • As a drop from Cultist Roz in the Raid Strange Hives I
  • As a drop from Messenger in the Raid Chapter 2: The Slammer
  • As a drop from Cybil, Riot Policeman, or Riot Captain in the Raid Chapter 4: Prison Break-in
  • Completing Diego's XCorp hacking quest.
  • Purchased from other Players in the Market
  • Hunting Mad Monk (Level 20, 40, 60, 80) in the Wasteland during the 2011 Halloween Event <NO LONGER AVAILABLE>
Recovery Items
Revives Smrevive.png Revival Kit Exposure revival kit.png Exposure Revival Kit Focus revival kit.png Focus Revival Kit Pure revival kit.png Pure Revival Kit
HP Recovery Normal +5 hp Bandage +6 hp Cookie +10 hp Antibiotics +20 hp Small Medicine +40 hp Large Medicine +60 hp Medi Gun +80 hp Small First Aid Kit +100 hp Big First Aid Kit +110 hp Morphine +120 hp Vicodin +160 hp Avatar Blood Brotherhood serum.png Brotherhood Serum
Holiday +60 hp Egg Basket +75 hp Bag of Candy Full HP +200 Max Radioactive Pumpkin
Special Candy +2 hp Deeg +2 hp Lucas +2 hp Matt +2 hp Pie +2 hp Rat +2 hp Will +1 hp Wolf
Event +10 hp Elder Bar +25 hp Ghost Cookie +50 hp Coffin Candy +60 hp Soylent Green +160 hp Cake +160 hp Candy Apple +250 hp Candy Cane +320 hp Wedding Cake
Shield +100 Max HP Nanite Cluster
Exposure Recovery -10% Exposure Mulled Wine -25% Exposure Blue Pill -?? Exposure Large Radiation Shot
Focus Recovery +100 Focus Focus Refill
Energy Recovery +2500 Energy Gingerbread Man Full Energy Halloween Candy Full Energy Minimoo Chocolate +100 Energy Mini Moo Juice