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Bag of Candy

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Bag of Candy
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A bag of candy to celebrate halloween, eating it all will restore some health but your dentist will hate you.


One of the many ways to restore/heal your health when you are not injured. A Bag of Candy is a health restoring item that will provide 75hp to the user.


The item can be acquired from:

  • Purchased from Joe's Merchandise during Halloween for 10c
  • Hunting Zombie Bodyguard (Level 45), Zombie Dog (Level 55), Zombie Cultist (Level 65), and Ghost (Level 75) during Halloween Events (Item is obtained with 0 Trades)
  • Purchased from other Players in the Market
  • Hunting Mad Monk (Level 20, 40, 60, 80) in the Wasteland during the 2011 Halloween Event <NO LONGER AVAILABLE>
Recovery Items
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Holiday +60 hp Egg Basket +75 hp Bag of Candy Full HP +200 Max Radioactive Pumpkin
Special Candy +2 hp Deeg +2 hp Lucas +2 hp Matt +2 hp Pie +2 hp Rat +2 hp Will +1 hp Wolf
Event +10 hp Elder Bar +25 hp Ghost Cookie +50 hp Coffin Candy +60 hp Soylent Green +160 hp Cake +160 hp Candy Apple +250 hp Candy Cane +320 hp Wedding Cake
Shield +100 Max HP Nanite Cluster
Exposure Recovery -10% Exposure Mulled Wine -25% Exposure Blue Pill -?? Exposure Large Radiation Shot
Focus Recovery +100 Focus Focus Refill
Energy Recovery +2500 Energy Gingerbread Man Full Energy Halloween Candy Full Energy Minimoo Chocolate +100 Energy Mini Moo Juice