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Large Medicine

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Large Medicine
Large Preview
Sell Price:
This large bottle of medicine can be used to heal 40 health. If you are injured you must first use a revival kit.


One of the many ways to restore/heal your health when you are not injured. Large Medicine is a health restoring item that can be purchased from the Hospital, healing 40hp.

Additional Uses


Craft Crafting Level Blueprint Type Required Items Special Notes
Brotherhood Serum Serum Creation III 4 Rare Blueprint 1xAvatar Blood 1xLarge Medicine Increase heal amount using up to 4 Small Medicine increases heal by up to 2 each / Antibiotics increase heal by up to 1 each
Brotherhood Serum Upgraded Serum 7 Epic Blueprint 1xAvatar Blood Increase heal amount using up to 4 Vicodin increases heal by up to 14 each / Large Medicine increases heal by up to 4 each


The item can be acquired from:

  • Purchased from Hospital for 6c
  • Opening a Medical Crate
  • Hunting Assassin: Lisha (Level 10), Hive Police (Level 16-20), Mob Boss: Big Al (Level 20), Hive Riot Police (Level 21-25), X-Corp Guards (Level 26-30), Police Chief: Zaphar (Level 30), X-Corp Founder: Sythe (Level 40), Gatekeeper: Cerb (Level 60), Guardian : X-1025 (Level 70)
  • Level 3-4 of Scavenging through Drone Drops in the Crafter's Guild
  • Holiday Events
  • As a drop from Messenger or Masked Thug in the Raid Chapter 2: The Slammer
  • As a drop from Big Al in the Raid Chapter 3: Say Hello to My Big Friend
  • As a drop from Riot Policeman, Riot Captain, Messenger, Big Al, or Zaphar in the Raid Chapter 4: Prison Break-in
  • Purchased from other Players in the Market
Recovery Items
Revives Smrevive.png Revival Kit Exposure revival kit.png Exposure Revival Kit Focus revival kit.png Focus Revival Kit Pure revival kit.png Pure Revival Kit
HP Recovery Normal +5 hp Bandage +6 hp Cookie +10 hp Antibiotics +20 hp Small Medicine +40 hp Large Medicine +60 hp Medi Gun +80 hp Small First Aid Kit +100 hp Big First Aid Kit +110 hp Morphine +120 hp Vicodin +160 hp Avatar Blood Brotherhood serum.png Brotherhood Serum
Holiday +60 hp Egg Basket +75 hp Bag of Candy Full HP +200 Max Radioactive Pumpkin
Special Candy +2 hp Deeg +2 hp Lucas +2 hp Matt +2 hp Pie +2 hp Rat +2 hp Will +1 hp Wolf
Event +10 hp Elder Bar +25 hp Ghost Cookie +50 hp Coffin Candy +60 hp Soylent Green +160 hp Cake +160 hp Candy Apple +250 hp Candy Cane +320 hp Wedding Cake
Shield +100 Max HP Nanite Cluster
Exposure Recovery -10% Exposure Mulled Wine -25% Exposure Blue Pill -?? Exposure Large Radiation Shot
Focus Recovery +100 Focus Focus Refill
Energy Recovery +2500 Energy Gingerbread Man Full Energy Halloween Candy Full Energy Minimoo Chocolate +100 Energy Mini Moo Juice