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Diego's Hideout

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Located in the hive outskirts, Diego is an NPC added by Lynx who gives you 5 daily quests every day. These vary from wasteland activities to crafting.

In the following table you will find all of the available quests.

Quest Description Reward
Craft a pistol I'm in need of a way to defend myself. I don't know how I'd get a gun
myself out here, but I'm sure you know some people, bring me a gun...
750 energy
Slay 5 brotherhood avatars This damned brotherhood, it's bad for business, I've heard they got
something nasty going on, go and deal with it would ya?
Power cell.png
Help your gang construct buildings Teamwork and effort is the key, I tell you. Show me that you master
these skills and help your gang construct some buildings.
Silver Hard Hat.png
XCorp hacking  ?? Upgraded Revival Kit sm.png x3
Kill 10 players within the hive You've got competition... If you want this turf for yourself, it's time to
do some dirty work. I'll assume you know how to handle the murder part.
500 credits
Defeat the blackjack dealer  ?? X boost icon.png
Rend a drone, and let it return in one piece  ?? GPS.png
Earn a boon  ?? 50 tokens
Earn 200 warfare points There's a war going on, I need to show them that I'm not a Mr. nobody,
enter the wasteland, and earn some warfare points, that'll show them.
Focus refill.png
Perform 3 blasts in wasteland There's too many buildings in the wasteland, it has gone too wild,
something needs to be done, blast them apart.
Focus refill.png
Heal gang members for 240 HP That hospital.. pfft.. One day it's about to go out of business, the next
thing you know is the hospital's overcrowded. Heal your gang members in need.
Medical crate.png x2
Deal 750 damage in wasteland, no return Time to show me what you're made of boy, the hospital is about to go out of
business. Think you can help them out?
Blue pill.png
Perform 10 double hits Your weapons sharp, aren't they? If they're not, you'd better hurry up. Because
what you're about to do, takes some good weapons.
500 energy
Complete 5 raids There's a lot of crazy things going on out there.. maybe you should investigate some of them and report back to me. Raid Buff & +150 Bonus HP
Burn a player with a flamethrower Wohooo! This is going to be fun! Well not for you, but that's none of my business, you're likely to get a few burn marks if you're not careful with these. Steel Ingot.png
Rent a drone, and let it return in one piece I've developed this drone-mountable killing machine, and someone hasn't paid me their debt in weeks. So I need you to mount this on a drone, and have it return successfully. GPS.png