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Diego's Hideout

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Diego is an NPC added by Lynx to provide daily missions and rewards for Players by completing various tasks throughout the Hive and Wastelands.


Diego will provide 5 Quests daily (6 if you have a Staff Favor level of 3 or higher) and will allow you to Reroll 1 quest per day (You can purchase 2 additional rerolls using Platinum that are Permanent and will increase your daily total to a maximum of 3).

Note: It is possible to get a quest again in the same day if you complete and claim it, then reroll another quest. In theory (and with luck), this means it's possible to complete 1 quest 4 times in a single day.



  • The quests "Help your gang construct buildings" and "Perform 3 blasts in the wasteland" are currently inactive for all players.
  • The quest "Armoury donation" is inactive for all players while a Rogue (Not in a Gang).
  • Warfare Points gained through completion of "Armoury Donation" will not provide progress with "Earn 200 warfare points"

In the following table you will find all of the available quests.

Quest Description Reward Availability
Non-Av Avatar
A thirst for revenge I've been on the run for a long time now, and still don't know how I want my revenge... But, we can always tease them a little. Craft a crowbar and then slay a residential guard with it. link Generic Blueprint YES YES
Armoury donation This time it ain't me in need of help, it's your gang. That armoury of yours isn't going to construct itself, are you a team player or not? (Donate either: 15 Bronze ingots, 9 Silver Ingots, 3 Silver Plates, 3 Gold Ingots, or 1 Gold Plate - Materials must be donated in one chunk) 100 WFP YES YES
Astral Bombing Sometimes.... sometimes you just got to take one for the team, head to the wasteland and bomb those enemies up. Do not let it be in vain. 2x Exposure Revival Kits YES YES
Burn a player with a flamethrower Wohooo! This is going to be fun! Well not for you, but that's none of my business, you're likely to get a few burn marks if you're not careful with these. Steel Ingot+link=Steel Ingot YES YES
Complete 3 raids There's a lot of crazy things going on out there.. maybe you should investigate some of them and report back to me. Raid Buff & +150 Bonus HP YES YES
Craft a pistol I'm in need of a way to defend myself. I don't know how I'd get a gun myself out here, but I'm sure you know some people, bring me a gun... 750 energy YES YES
Craft some poison Got a client who needs a quick and clean job done. A flamethrower won't work this time, so let's get creative. You're a smart kid, so why don't you make some poison and bring it to me? Rare Blueprint YES YES
Deal 750 damage in wasteland, no return Time to show me what you're made of boy, the hospital is about to go out of business. Think you can help them out? Blue Pill YES YES
Defeat the blackjack dealer Hrmpf! I swear that black jack game in the casino is rigged, try to prove me wrong by winning big, win with 21 in black jack. Phoenix Shell YES YES
Deliver a silver card I'm assembling a sort of... specialized blackjack team. Got some real smart cats and we're gonna stick it to the dealer. But first we need the tokens.. Fetch me a silver card, must be from the casino, that will do.. Pristine Screwdriver YES YES
Earn 200 warfare points There's a war going on, I need to show them that I'm not a Mr. nobody, enter the wasteland, and earn some warfare points, that'll show them. Focus Refill YES YES
Earn a boon Time to prove your worth, I wont do business with anyone who just slacks around all day, get out there, get active.
50 tokens YES YES
Heal gang members for 240 HP That hospital.. pfft.. One day it's about to go out of business, the next thing you know is the hospital's overcrowded. Heal your gang members in need. 2x Medical Crates YES YES
Help your gang construct buildings Teamwork and effort is the key, I tell you. Show me that you master these skills and help your gang construct some buildings. Silver Hard Hat NO NO
Hiding in plain sight As my mother used to say: don't fight hard, fight smart. Time to learn kid, hide yourself in the wasteland for 10 minutes straight. Power Cell YES YES
Higher or Lower I've lost one too many tokens on that casino by now, think you can do me a favor? Bet 25 or more tokens and win on high/low. Wires YES YES
Kill 10 hive policemen Some damned fool snitched me and my merry little hidey-hole out, and now the hive police are out here looking for me, so do me a solid and kill them. Crossbow YES NO
Kill 10 players within the hive You've got competition... If you want this turf for yourself, it's time to do some dirty work. I'll assume you know how to handle the murder part. 500 credits YES YES
Kill 3 players you are at war with War ain't good for nothing, Or so i'm told, let's prove the world wrong, and kill 3 players from a gang that your gang is 'at war' with. Null Crystal Fragment YES YES
Kill X-Corp Bounty Hunters Tch... Another good errand runner lost to X-Corp again. I'm getting tired of those capitalist pigs. Search for the bounty hunter responsible for this, make sure he pays. Use only melee weapons, or your fists. Throwing Blades YES YES
Perform 3 blasts in wasteland There's too many buildings in the wasteland, it has gone too wild, something needs to be done, blast them apart. Focus Refill NO NO
Perform 10 double hits Your weapons sharp, aren't they? If they're not, you'd better hurry up. Because what you're about to do, takes some good weapons. 500 energy YES YES
Rent a drone, and let it return in one piece I've developed this drone-mountable killing machine, and someone hasn't paid me their debt in weeks. So I need you to mount this on a drone, and have it return successfully. GPS Device YES YES
Slay 5 brotherhood avatars This damned brotherhood, it's bad for business, I've heard they got something nasty going on, go and deal with it would ya? Power Cell YES YES
Throw blades at a wasteland target My contact within the hive smuggled these handy things out here for me. Show me you know how to handle a good pair of throwing blades. Aim for the eye. Exposure Revival Kit YES YES
Wasteland Junkie I know you got a lot of those focus refills and blue pills lying around, don't just let them collect dust, you should try them out, feels good man... 3 should do the trick. Large Power Cell YES YES
Work 5 jobs at max rank I know you're pretty high up with X-corp and not too fond of how they do business. Bring me some up to date information from your next shift. Pure Revival Kit YES YES
XCorp hacking Hey psst, you good with computers right? I need some proper intel about the authorities secret whereabouts. Let's get to work 10 times. Revival Kit YES NO


Preview of Diego's Preferences Menu

Upon completing 100 Daily Quests for Diego, you will gain access to a settings menu by talking to him. Here, you will be able to select 1 Daily Quest you want to see more (Green) and one that you would like to see less (Red). You cannot at this time select multiple quests you wish to see more or less of.