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Fictions Character
Name (unknown) Gender Male
Location Houston, Texas Birthday Feb-17-1982

Email -


  • Fiction was the forum admin in G2 version one.
  • Then in G2v2 before it was renamed Legacy Fiction Became Accounts Admin then moving to Marketing Admin.
  • Fiction loves Traveling. He goes somewhere new every year.
  • Fiction's Hobbies include Disk Golf, Soccer, Procrastination, Reading, Hanging Out At The Coffee Shop, Movies, Concerts, Skating,
  • Theres also His gaming team, Team Binary, They get broadcast on for some of There matches so feel free to come watch. Their current game of choice is COD4
  • Fiction hates the negative use of the English language, e.g. "LOL"

Fiction's Touch

Written by Fiction added by Scott

There is a disturbing trend of illiteracy on the internet. It seriously bothers me. The following is a short list of offenses punishable by death. By death I mean I will stab you in the face with my katana using my ninja-like skills.

LOL - Don't ever use this. It's simply overused. You are not laughing out loud. Instead replace it with "hah!" or "that's funny" or "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" DO NOT, under any circumstances use "LOL" in your own sentence. For example, "I went outside today and stepped in some poop. LOL!"

Two != to != too - Simple english. If you can't figure out homonyms then you shouldn't be alive.

They're, their, there - Every single time I see someone use one of these words inappropriately I want to shove a spoon up my ass. Why? Because if I'm going to hurt like that then I want to be the one doing it.

UR, u, 2, etc. - NO NO NO NO NO! Never.

Punctuation - for the love of all that is good and pure, please use it. Even if you don't know how. Fake it if you have to.

A day in the life of Fiction Madi Gras style

written by Fiction Added by Scott

Mardi Gras 2007

I left my apartment around 4 pm yesterday to go into town and see the festivities. I figured 4 would be early enough to miss traffic. But I was quite wrong.

As soon as I got into Kenner, which is about 5 miles down the highway, traffic became a standstill. It turned out that the highway, about 8 miles down, split up into extra lanes. In Louisiana, more lanes means you drive slowly.

I looked around for parking only to find almost every lot full and chargin $40 per space if you were lucky enough to find an empty spot.

So I went to the Harrah's for a bit instead to play some cards and get free parking. The tables were super fishy. I was up to $650 from my $200 after 2 1/2 hours. Looking back, I should have left then but I was having too much fun.

After managing to lose my commanding lead at the table (he flops a boat, checks, I turn a straight. Whoops. An hour later- I flop top pair, 4 to the nut flush, and 4 to a straight but still manage to miss all those outs.) I decide to walk on over to the quarter for my own little Girls Gone Wild Mardi Gras 2007.

Walking to the quarter from downtown when it's ****** cold and there are billions of people really sucks but I trudged through the crowds for what late-night TV commercials had lead me to believe was nothing short of an orgy in the streets.

I finally arrived to the more-drunk mob. After getting shoved around and squeezing my way through people, I made it to a bar and ordered up a beer. $6.50 for a little plastic cup of beer. Last time I was down there, $6.50 would get you three beers, two shots, and a random STD.

No matter, it's all in good fun; so I paid up and went outside for the boobs.

What I didn't know then and only know now is this: without a camera crew, beads, or free tshirts, girls will not flash themselves at you. I did manage to see some boobs in my proximity. Though, as soon as it was apparent that a girl was indeed about to show the goods, they were then hounded by every drunk frat boy in the area, with arms outstreched holding camera phones and completely blocking my view.

The only boobs I got a clear look at were probably the worst boobs I have ever seen in my life. Words alone cannot convey the sheer magnitude of this teenager's belly's girth, or her catering-tray sized areolas.

In short, Mardi Gras would have been a great experience had I anyone to go with, more alcohol, and beads.