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doddsyboi Character
Name Doddsyboi Gender Male Email
Location England Birthday July 19th 1985 Account Age 3 Years, 291 Days
Forum Posts 201 Game Visits 2,320 Tickets Completed 135
Referrals 31 Active Referrals 3 Referral Points 160
Favors Handed Out 87 Disfavors Handed Out 64 Banned Players 13

Personal Information

Real Name: Doddsy Dodds

Staff Title: Community Admin

Job: Construction Delivery Driver

Interests: Final Fantasy Games, Street Dancing, Clubbing, Girls, Roller Skating, Movies.

Age: 23

Former Staff Titles: Public Relations Admin & Clan Admin

Previous Jobs: Mc Donalds & Bar Man

Vehicle: Ford Transit

The Doddsy Pose
Lisa & Me
Steph Works For The One Show
All In The Tongue


Doddsyboi used to be known as Mentelj who started playing in Zorg's game Dark Legacy but only for a very short period of time as Doddsyboi thought the game was rubbish and left. As time passed on Doddsyboi known as Mentelj created an account on Gangsterz Version 1. Not sure on how to play the game Doddsyboi asked for Sosamo's help. Sosamo helped and trained Doddsyboi to play the game and invited Doddsyboi to join the Black Spirits Clan. Black Spirits had a maximum player limit of 15 and had 7 members of the top 10 levels rankings in the clan and was known as the elite clan in Gangsterz Verson 1. After 5 months of playing the game Gangsterz Version 1 went down all of a sudden. Time passed and Doddsyboi found his way onto the Space Coalition forums where he still knows the current people like dk16, deeg, steve, Frost and the creator Zorg of Legacy. (more to come)


Here is a list of a Doddsyboi's important friends over the years of Zorg's games.

  • FatTony - Doddsyboi helped FatTony to play and learn the game at the start of Gangsterz Vesion 2. They've remained close friends ever since.
  • Ross - PIC!
  • Lucas - Doddsyboi has a strong relationship in helping each other while working in Legacy.
  • Nicto10 - Close friend from the Space Coalition forums. Nicto10 told Doddsyboi about Gangsterz Version 2 Beta.
  • Sosamo - Trained Doddsyboi how to play Gangserz Version 1. They were both in the Black Spirits clan which had 7 of the top 10 players.
  • Vemp - Long time close friend of Doddsyboi.
  • Deeg - Deeg hired Doddsyboi as staff, once in Gangsterz Version 2 and once in Legacy. They've known each other since the Space Coalition forums.

Past Designs

Doddsy2.gif Doddsy.png

Wasteland Messages

Here are Doddsyboi's Wasteland action phrase messages for players that haven't seen or read them. This was a Christmas present from Zorg in 2008.

  • First Person - "You jump into the sky flying with style landing at"
  • Arrival Message - "Doddsyboi lands and roars then uses the limit break Cosmo Memory!"
  • Departure Message - "Doddsyboi runs and launches into the air jumping onto the Highwind."


  • Beta banner.png Sticking with the game during the private beta testing.
  • Beta banner2.png Sticking with the game during the public beta testing.
  • G2 banner.png A true gangster from before the game's name change.
  • Connect banner.png Survived the near apocalyptic server move in our 4th year.
  • 1year banner.png Awarded on May 5th for the 1 year anniversary.
  • 2year banner.png Awarded on May 9th for the 2 year anniversary.
  • 3year banner.png Awarded on May 5th for the 3 year anniversary.
  • Gold banner.png Gold award for helping staff.
  • Graphics banner.png Helping with the in game graphics.
  • Flag banner.png Ranked in the top 3 of an official Legacy flag competition.
  • Level banner.png Getting in the top 10 most experience earned for the week.
  • Kills banner.png Getting in the top 10 most wins for the week.
  • Deaths banner.png Getting in the top 10 most losses for the week.
  • Hunt banner.png Getting in the top 10 most hunting points for the week.
  • Warfare banner.png Getting in the top 10 most Gang Warfare points for the week.
  • Hunting1 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Lisha.
  • Hunting2 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Big Al.
  • Hunting3 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Zaphar.
  • Hunting4 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Sythe.
  • Hunting5 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Seraph.
  • Hunting6 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Cerb.
  • Hunting7 banner.png Defeating the special NPC X-1025.
  • Hunting8 banner.png Defeating the special NPC The Avatar Lord
  • Voting banner4.png Voting for the game 2000 times.
  • Chat banner4.png Spending 40 days in Online Chat.
  • Subscribe banner.png If you subscribe to the game.
  • Elder banner.png If you are selected to rank amongst the elders of the game.

Legacy News

  • 17/02/2009 - Has been given SysOp status on Legacy Wiki.
  • 15/02/2009 - Made Doddsyboi profile page on Legacy Wiki
  • 14/02/2009 - Hired bezar and Food as Online Chat Moderators