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Player History

Most of this is going to be about gangs (clans now) I was in because that was really important three years ago when I was playing. Anyway, I joined Vendeta Council first (led by bongo17), then moved onto Soul Reavers (led by Zephyr). I then joined Cannon's gang, which consisted of players that all came from a baseball game (which is where I got the referral link to join Legacy). This gang was called the Ball Bashers. We implemented a trickle down system for our gear that we believed caused trades to get added to items. I stayed in this gang awhile, then had a fallout (though I can't recall what over). I then fled to fiftycal12's Bulger Boyz, which mainly consisted of guys from Boston, but also with me in this gang was IXIJohnIXI AKA Swify AKA Pope. We soon became good friends and finally decided to start our own gang, Murders Row. Murders Row was responsible for raising money to allow John to buy the first Magma Plate on the market. I received one as well soon after. It wasn't too long after that that I saw staff applications being called for in the main forum. I decided to apply mainly out of boredom.

Keep in mind, all this happened between 2005-2006, and I am going off of my memory, but I am fairly certain of most of these events.

Staff History

Jkjace was staff admin at the time, so he read my application and mailed me that I had made it to the interview. We did that, I did good enough to pass and then I underwent a three month invisibility period from May-July 2006. The invisibility period was hard, but I learned the ins and outs of staff, and when three months rolled around, Jkjace and I decided that I would join Voght as Library Admin. Little did I know, Voght would soon be fired, leaving me with the library to myself. I added a few things, but really didn't do much until around December I'm guessing. At this point, me13 (Fabi today) quit as Forum Admin leaving all to wonder who would take over. Deeg came to the decision that I would become forum admin due mainly to Destiny throwing her full support behind me, which I appreciate greatly. At this time, I was in charge of forums, online chat, side chat, and guides, so it was a pretty hefty workload. Zorg and Deeg soon decided to come up with the position of Community Admin to alleviate some of this work. Anyway, so I've been here ever since and have seen many people that I've hired become staff, which makes me very proud of them. Among these people include Scott, Korey, Pie, and Lucas. I quit Staff on the 29th July 2009.

Special Thanks

This section may be quite lengthy, anywho...

First, I'd like to thank jkjace for giving me this opportunity and hiring me as staff. You were always nice and a workaholic, so it was great to work for you!

Second, I'd like to thank Voght for taking me under his wing and showing me the ropes of staff. Voght was always there to brighten the mood a bit and this was much appreciated at times!

Third, I'd like to thank Destiny for backing me to be forum admin, though I know she hates my guts and will never read this. Anyway, I really appreciate it!

Fourth, I'm going to thank FatTony for being a killer moderator for all these years, very reliable and such. You don't know how lucky you really are when you have someone dedicated like FatTony working with you every day.

Fifth, I'm going to thank John for being my friend for the longest, making a clan with me, and talking about Star Wars often. Though I can't remember the last time I've talked to him, I hope to change that soon!

Sixth, I'd like to thank Scott for being a great friend to me throughout the years. We've known each other through the longest and been through a lot of stuff, and boy has it been fun. I always remember that if there's one person glad to see me, it was always Scott.

Seventh, I'm going to thank DesertLady for truly being one of the nicest people I've ever seen and being there when I need her. This is not really for anything she did in game (like Scott) but for being a great friend!

Yeah, that's about all the people I can think of at the moment, though I am sure I have left someone out. If I did, I am sorry, I will think about this more and possibly add to it!

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