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Chronicle of Blood

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ChronicleofBloodsmall.PNGChronicle of BloodChronicleofBloodsmall.PNG

Hive Bar

You have been hunting in the hive for months. Your strength has increased so much that even the Hive Lord cannot stand in your way. Somehow, you feel there's more beyond. You hear whispers in the hive of knowledge that some have gained through a mysterious item sold by none other than Joe in Sector 3.

You pick up your weapons and head off to find out more about this hidden knowledge.

Joe's Merchandise

After following some sketchy information from a hobo on the street, you step into a shop with an aged hippy behind the counter.

"Welcome to my store valued customer" Joes beams at you " I can tell by the look of you that my necklaces aren't the reason for your visit"

"Come with me" he beckons.

Joe leads you through into a dark room filled with dusty tomes. He lifts down a worn book, and hands it to you.

"The knowledge you seek is between the pages of this book, however understanding that knowledge may be beyond your abilities" He states darkly "There is one however who may help you"

And without another word he leads you out the shop, taking a payment of 10,000 credits from your pocket.

Shopping : Successful You have purchased 1 x Chronicle of Blood

After Leaving Joe's Merchandise

You stand in the busy street holding the strange book, wondering if you should open it. Reasoning that as you have paid such a great sum for it, anything else would be a waste.

You unlock and open the Chronicle of Blood and the sound of the hive dims around you.

You look in horror at the page of numbers in front of you and then checking each and every page there seems to be just the humdrum accounts and day to day running diary of the hive.

Throwing the book away in disgust, cursing the waste of valuable credits, the cover splits and a new page appears:


Upon closing the book, a charge goes off and the book bursts into flames.

Dark Alleyway

As you walk away pondering the knowledge you have just gained, avatars, tyran and the hive, a voice beckons from a dark alleyway:

Blind seer.png

You stand in a long alleyway, with only the sound of rats and distant echos. In the shadows is a blind man, although his eyes are covered he seems to be aware of your presence.

"Greetings and what may I ask brings you to my dark corner of this world?"

You sense a strange knowledge emanating from this man, he seems to see more than his blindness suggests.

"I have questions I wish to ask" you reply

"As do we all, however I hope your questions are the right ones."

"What are Avatars?"

"Avatars have always existed, in the past they were mistaken for gods. Haha, not quite."

"Tell me more!"

"Knowledge is power, all you need to know is that for the first time in our evolution some are capable of reaching the state."

"What do you know about the Brotherhood?"

"Ah, now that is the right question. I used to be their advisor."

Sensing a change in the old man you press further

"What happened?"

"After Lord Tyran returned he granted me some of his power, the process left my mortal body blind and yet, I saw more than ever before. I was against the construction of the Hive, and departed the brotherhood. I believe he knows of my survival, but does not consider me a threat."

Now realizing that there are new enemies somewhere you eagerly ask "Where can i find them?"

"Haha, first you must learn to see them. They are not mortal, most have developed lesser Avatar powers now. Are you ready?"

You start to feel afraid, what does he mean are you ready? Biting down on your lip you prepare yourself "Yes, I am"

"Then see, and let your journey begin."

The Seer removes his blind fold, and you collapse to the ground.

Blind seer2.png

After a while you get up, you are able to see yet the world seems different.

His parting words ring in your ears "Go now, and good hunting!"