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Xen's Dojo

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Xen's Dojo, located in Sector 3, is a place where anyone can completely reset their stat points. However, the price tag on this reset is hefty: it costs 2000 Credits per visit. Therefore, it is recommended that you only use Xen's if your level is high enough to regain a sizable amount of stat points to work with, or if your stats are seriously in need of a redo.

Xen dojo.PNG

Since LegCon 3 Prices are as follows: 50 credits for below level 10s, 1000 credits for below level 40s, 2000 credits for everyone else (before the update it was 2000 credits for everyone to change stats). you get ALL your points back from every single level since level 1 and the free 3 points you get when you start playing. What is more, you will also get points that you receive if you have Versatility ability. After doing a redo, your stat points will be 10 HP, 10 Speed, 4 Dodge and 4 Accuracy.

If you do not immediately put in your new stats, you can always come back to Xen's when you're ready. However, you'll be stuck with those 'newbie' stats until you do so.

It is recommended that you first plan out how exactly you will re-distribute your stat points, and DO NOT forget to factor in the stats you recieve from your gear.

Errors such as this can get quite costly to repair, so proceed with caution.