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Scamming is when a player "robs" another player of an item or money by trying to make an off-market deal. In addition to being against the Terms of Service, it is also frowned upon in the community. An example of a scam would be a player saying that they will give 4000 credits for a Police Shield, but that they want to make the transfer private (as in the market is not used). They request that you send the Police Shield first. The victim sends the shield, the scammer doesn't send any credits. Of course, it can be the other way around. The victim offers to buy for 4000 credits, send the credits first, and so on.


There are several ways to identify a scammer. One can tell by the way they act and what they are offering. Here are some ways to help you figure out who is illegitimate:

  • their spelling is not good or they use SMS/AIM talk (ill give u 1000c 4 ur bottle)
  • they want to be the funds manager for your clan and will not take any job where they cannot access the bank
  • they refuse to make a deal through the market
  • the proposed deal is outrageous (i.e. offering 6,000 credits for a padded jacket, and yes, it has happened)
  • they brag about it in Side Chat or Main Chat
  • they request that you send the item or credits first


(From the Terms of Service)

2.2 Scamming

Scams are not allowed in Legacy, this includes saying you will send players items or credits in a trade and failing to do so, fake competitions or any method of getting credits or items using lies. However, we reserve the right to not act on scams if the person being scammed has had it happen to them more than once, take your own precautions and use the market for trades.

Basically, if you are scammed, there is no guarantee that your items/money will be returned.


This is where players would report scams of any type not related to clans. The thread could of been found in the Main Forum in the Public Forums. It was a sticky, until Zorg closed it for these reasons . . .

"This thread has been unstuck, as you have made it more than clear you don't know why some people are on the list, and there is no way in hell some people can get removed from it...

Making it a sticky gives the impression it is some how accurate or supported, which it is not."





The ATA thread was a thread where players reported clan bank thefts or abusive clan members (i.e. they kick all the members of the clan or they are just a bad person for the clan). The ATA list could be found in Clan Talk in the Legacy Public Forums. However since the deletion of the clan forum, The Anti Theft Alliance ceased to exist.

How to Avoid Being Scammed

Do not make anyone the funds manager or a co-leader in the clan if they are not well known. If they "threaten" to leave the clan if they do not get the rank they want, the suggested response is to simply kick them- if a player causes trouble so early in their clan membership, their behavior will most likely get worse with time if they stay around.

When wanting to trade an item, make sure to use the market. Be sure that to deal with a reputable player. Make sure that the agreed deal is fair by running a quick price search on the market.

This is a good example of a scam and how you should use the market.