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Clan Creation

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To create your own clan, you must have 5000 Credits to spend and be at least level 5.

When you are ready, head to the Community tab at the top of the page > Clan Control > Back to Clan Hideouts at the bottom of the page > Create a Clan. From here, you can request a clan by submitting its name for approval. However, the clan name must meet certain specifications before it will be accepted.

The clan name must be:

  • Between 3 and 15 characters
  • Written as a standard proper noun (no names in all capitals, all lowercase, or camel-caps)
  • Plural (to define a group of people)
  • Spelled correctly

The clan name must not be:

  • Stupid
  • An attempt to impersonate staff

If your clan meets the above criteria, it will be accepted by the Clan Admin. You can then begin managing your clan.