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Welcome to the official Legacy Wiki. You can login with your game login! Please take a look around. If you are unfamiliar with wikis, you may want to explore the Help pages. If you find any problems with pages that you cannot fix yourself or your Wiki account please make a ticket on Legacy or take a list of people that can help you.

Before you start doing anything besides reading, please take time to look through our rules. Also, user articles are not the same as other articles. They should be named with 'User:' before the username.

Cleaning Up by Aaron
A bit late, but I am the new Wiki Admin! Connor Is now the Clan Admin, and can be contacted for anything urgent if I am not online.

I've made efforts to modernize the wiki and cleaned up a few of the older pages, and I highly recommend visiting my favourite project so far, the Shadow Forge But Legacy keeps on adding in MASSIVE new systems with a ton of information and this takes time from the whole team, in particular I'd like to thank Pillage and Delta for helping to both mend, and be the glue that holds this place together.

Another update of particular note is the Drone System, where we're continually adding new information as it's released, and of course the new Raid content which is still under construction as of this post, but already contains valuable information. (It's just not pretty yet!)

If you would like to step up and be apart of the official wiki team, aka the Wiki SysOps, we're always looking for another solid addition to the team and I'll be happy to discuss the process either through PM or you can reach me through the Legacy Discord The Wiki will always need updates, but even if you're not ready to edit an article yet you can still contribute! Any information you feel should be on the wiki can be messaged to me in game, and I'll bring it straight to the Wiki team's discord so we can expand and build. It takes a lot to make a useful page, so every contribution helps and will be noted in the edit history.

Posted on 2019-14-11 / Comments on this Post

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Just A Quick Update by Connor
So this is the first news post since 2013! First of all, I am your new wiki admin as of 2 months ago! Any questions to do with the wiki please feel free to message me in game and I will get back to you! Sysop applications are also open in the Main Forum, so if you're interested, apply! I am planning a mass update to the wiki as quite a few pages are outdated and do not have the correct information in them. If you see anything that isn't up to date, feel free to edit it yourself :)

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Posted on 2018-08-07 / Comments on this Post

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