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Current Sysops

Sysop is short for "System operator". It is a commonly used term for the Moderators of a Wiki. Sysops have extra powers in the Wiki but should only use them in the best interest of the users. Remember the ones with player next to them are not staff. But if needed, they do have the power to ban users from the Wiki.


Bureaucrats are Managers of the Wiki. They have the power to edit anything in the Wiki. These are Staff and should be contacted via the ticket system in-game if you have a problem with the Wiki. You should create a ticket regarding problems with Sysops, bugs, vandalism, or anything you feel needs to be mentioned that you can't change. For the list of Sysops, click here.

Here are the Current Bureaucrats:

Lead Helper
Connor character2.png
Community Director
Wiki Admin

The current head of the Wiki is Pie, and may be contacted in game for a speedier response.