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Houston, what is that ? I dont know.. It appears to be a GIANT WALL OF TEXT !!

Quick about me as person

This is Lynx :)
Some of you may already know this, but for those who don't.. I'm a dane an living in Denmark.

Born in 1992, you can calculate the age Smiley 17.gif
I have this HUUUGE passion for developing/coding/programming. Hence why I'm a developer..(that might also show off on this wiki page.)
That should be enough for now.

Player Information

UHM. this was quite a big subject but I'll make it short Smiley 2.gif

In the summer 2012 I was hired as a guide, before that I've been TC Trainer, and Trainer master, Please do not ask me for the dates
Because those I cannot remember

Been playing legacy for a good solid time now, maybe even more than i'm proud of.



This is not a collection.. but a CV :-)

  • The Arbitrator (R18)
  • Elder Council (R17)
  • Chaplain(R16)
  • Chamber Marshall (R15)
  • Trainer Master(R12)
  • Trainer(R11)
  • Guide
  • Wiki SysOp
  • Voluntary Developer

Character Designs

I have had way to many of those. But will lists some of them here.


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