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Bored of RPG's Zorg turned his hand to making browser based strategy games after the collapse of Gangsterz 2 - V1, with the plan of keeping some unique gangsterz features like character design and adapting them. This game was also written in PHP and MySQL.

The Plan

  • This game was also hosted from, as we were still unsure of the name when we set out. The first thing to be designed was the outer game, a forum was setup where the old Gangsterz 2 players met again.
  • This forum became the key feature of the site, while Zorg worked on designing the inner game. Signups were still a long way off, so people just hung out and chatted in the forums.
  • Alas, this project never got off the ground. Although an inner session and login system were made, and work had begun on the inside scripting.
  • Angel once again became more distant, seeing her less and less often and being unable to get certain things setup on the webserver this project was abandoned and shortly after Angel disapeared from the internet.

Here are some graphics which the players on the forum were shown. They were expected to be characters in the game.

Race human.gif Race human2.gif Race human3.gif Race amebos.gif Race amebos2.gif Race nexus.gif NexusLord45.png

The Aftermath

  • The site inevitably closed down once again, and with this second failure Zorg disappeared himself. As he lost his old AIM account only Mehean stayed in contact with him.
  • The players however were not ready to give up and dk16 setup a forum, naming it Gangsterz 3. There was no game, but old members of Gangsterz 2 were found from around the internet and used the forum to keep in contact.
  • This lasted for a whole year, through out 2004. Then Jessica (a.k.a Angel) was talking to her brother, also part owner of another webhosting company about her past projects. Expressing an interest in online gaming, Paul searched for Gangsterz on google and found the Gangsterz 3 forum.
  • He made a single post, explaining who he was and offering to host a new game. But Zorg was not an active member of the forum and contacting him was difficult as he did not read email and rarely went on messengers anymore.
  • Word finally reached him through Mehean, and Zorg agreed that if a server was setup and was good enough he would consider it. With Paul very busy and Zorg hard to find, this process took nearly 2 months. But in May 2005 the server details finally reached Zorg.
  • With a single post on the Gangsterz 3 forum, Zorg made his announcement. Linking players to a page hosted on which contained the Gangsterz logo and the simple statement "Coming Soon...".

See Gangsterz 2 - Version 2 to continue...





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Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

  • 2004 - ... no game ...