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Editing a Legacy Wiki page isn't difficult in itself; simply click the "edit" button above the page you wish to modify. The buttons above the editing window are there to assist you with formatting, although this can be done manually (more on this later). Explain briefly what you change in the Summary box. The "minor edit" tickbox allows other users to filter out small edits (such as fixing spelling mistakes) when viewing the list of changes.

Formatting Pages

Legacy Wiki supports HTML tags and wikimarkup, a language unique to wikis. These tags are used to format pages for readability.

Some common wikimarkup tags:

What you type How it is displayed
''italic text'' italic text
'''bold text''' bold text
'''''bold italic text''''' bold italic text
~~~~ Your signature (IP address/username, time and date)
---- Horizontal dividing line
* Point! Bullet list
[[Zorg]] Zorg
[[Zorg | Creator of Legacy]] Creator of Legacy
<nowiki>this text '' is free ~~~~ from wikimarkup meddling! </nowiki> this text '' is free ~~~~ from wikimarkup meddling!
[[Image:Book4.png|Cool kids read the newbie guide!]] Cool kids read the newbie guide!
[[Image:Book4.png|Cool kids read the newbie guide!|link=Library]] Cool kids read the newbie guide!


  • The color of a link is automatic; an existing page will be white/blue, a page that does not yet exist will be red.
  • Outside web addresses like do not require tags, simply typing the address will make it clickable. Just make sure you don't leave off the http:// !
  • If you wish to know how to format your documents in to tables and columns, see our tables guide.
  • For a more in depth look at wiki formatting, try MediaWiki
  • If you need help contact the Wiki Admin or a Wiki Sysop.