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Blade of Dawn

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Shogun/Leader: Council elected figurehead, spokesmen and leader of the gang.


Rank Description Name(s) Description
Leader (1) : Shogun DBall13 Council elected figurehead, spokesmen and leader of the gang.
Council (5) : Imperial Court DBall13, Heron, Scyper, Varamin, psych0sis Member elected council, make all decisions about the gang.
Ambassador (1) : High Commander sumwish In charge of diplomatic relations and communication with other gangs.
Law Enforcer (1) : Sword Master Fiction Upholder of gang rules, judge, jury and executioner.
War Advisor (1) : War Advisor N/A In charge of offensive strategies against enemy gangs.
Economic Advisor (1) : Treasurer N/A Member of the gang leadership and assistant to the council.
Novice Master (1) : Master Sensei Wytedragon In charge of novices and novice helpers.
Novice Helper (5) : Sensei Benji, lisit Dedicated to helping new members learn the ropes.
Rank 10 : Shogun's Chosen N/A Possibly older and more popular than the council members.
Rank 9 : Court Guard N/A Old as dirt and been in this gang since he was a little kid.
Rank 8 : Sentry N/A Long time member of the gang and all around old guy.
Rank 7 : Dusk Warrior N/A Popular member who has received a lot of gang favor.
Rank 6 : Assassin N/A Dedicated member that can apply for leadership positions within the gang.
Rank 5 : Samurai N/A Veteran member, with the power to cast judgement on other people's actions.
Rank 4 : Ninja N/A Full member, can help make decisions. No chance of leadership yet though.
Rank 3 : Foot Soldier N/A New member, however still with little say over gang politics.
Rank 2 : Apprentice N/A Basic member access, no real say in the running of the gang.
Rank 1 : Novice N/A Novice rank and entry rank for new members of the gang.

Basic Info

Blade of Dawn is one of the four gangs Zorg created.

Gang Description: Living their lives by a code of honor, they treat even their enemies with respect. These modern day warriors follow a code set down by ancient Samurai and will die to defend it. They do not side with good or evil, instead they pledge loyalty to their leader and follow a path of neutrality. BoD are at war with Outcasts, and hate The Chapter. Holding honor above all else they see the Outcasts a chaotic plague, they also dislike the Chapter as they are dishonorable and corrupt.

Gang Achievements

February 4th, 2010 - Blade of Dawn successfully gained control of all 3 Wasteland Objectives for the January - March map ; ERS, Radar Jammer & Alien Artifact


June 6th, 2013 - Blade of Dawn successfully gained control of all squares in WL.


January 2013 ~ June 2014 Blade of Dawn won 7 consecutive WL rounds.

Extra Links

Random Blade of Dawn image gallery here.
To view the rules regarding Blade of Dawn's Vampire Game here.

Staff Rep


Fattony is the staff rep for this gang, it's his job to make sure the gang is running smoothly and deal with issues that gang leadership can not handle.

Past Reps:

State of Emergency

In late June/early July of 2009, some members of the Council had disagreements with a player (on the council) and another member. They accused the two players of trying to run the gang without the councils approval on matters. On this they started a kick vote and kicked the pair. The two complained to the Staff Rep (Vader) and all council got banned. After the ban all council stepped down because of the way it was dealt with Leaving Blade of Dawn in a state of Emergency with no Leadership and with people leaving. It turned out 3 people had lied to Staff (the 2 members included) and all 3 where banned. The third person was kicked because of his crimes against the gang.


Wasteland Trophies
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