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Blade of Dawn/Vampires

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Created by Naurix for Blade of Dawn members on August 2010. The game started on Blade of Dawn Training Forum. The game has run by Naurix (Game 1, 2, 3 and 4).

Start of the Game

A thread will be posted in the Training Forum by whoever is running the game, simply post a reply to join. You will then get a private message explaining your role when the game begins and a new thread will start in the Training Forum. This thread will list all the players and what roles are being used (how many of each) but will not say who has which roles. The game will then start with votes of who to lynch, the player who gets the majority vote in the thread will be killed and their role revealed. Once this happens the thread will be locked and go to night phase, during which everybody with a night time ability will use it. After which point the thread will unlock and the events of the night will be explained before voting begins again. Each phase, day and night are two real days long. The game will continue in this way until win conditions are met by a group or a single player is left alive.


Each player will have an alignment, either good or evil. If your role is good your objective is to kill off all the evil players leaving only good people remaining. If your role is evil you will have to kill off all the good player leaving only evil people remaining.


The divison of roles will be ¾ good players and ¼ evil players.

VILLAGER- GOOD No special abilities.

DOCTOR- GOOD Can bring back to life one of the good players in the night phase (Can be done once in game). Player must be dead 1 or 2 days. Revived player will be Villager.

SHERIFF- GOOD Can kill any player in the night phase (Can be done once in game).

SORCERER- GOOD Every night phase can look in his crystal ball and check any player role.

LONER- GOOD Shows as vampire. The day following his death, his ghost can kill any player.

ELDER- GOOD Survives first attack. Can't survive if lynched.

PRIEST- GOOD Can protect all players for one day from dying, but if someone attacks the priest, this ability fails (Can be done once in game).

THE VAMPIRE HUNTER- GOOD Can splash any player with holy water, if splashed player is vampire, then Vampire Hunter will know that. He can stake any splashed vampire, but after staking, Vampire Hunter's role shows to everyone.

WIZARD- GOOD Can give ability to kill any player, can't give this ability to himself (Can be done once in game).

VAMPIRE- EVIL Every night phase all the evil players will vote on who they wish to kill, the majority vote will be killed in the night. Evil players are not allowed to tell the village who other evil players are.

DRACULA- EVIL Shows as villager. Can kill 1 player every 2 days.

BAT-VAMPIRE- EVIL Can bite any player and targeted player won't be able to talk for next day.

MASTER VAMPIRE- EVIL Can send his minion to any other player to see their bought items and destroy one of them.

SILENT VAMPIRE- EVIL Can turn into smoke and fly into other player houses and see their role.

BLOOD SUCKING DEMON- EVIL In vampire voting his vote is worth 2 votes.

COPYCAT VAMPIRE- EVIL Copies all abilities for 1 day from random dead player. Copycat can use his ability every 2 days.

HYPNO-VAMPIRE- EVIL Disables all special abilities to any player for 2 days. Hypno-Vampire can do it every 3 days.

MERCHANT- NEUTRAL While merchant is alive trade caravans will arrive in town with some useful items. 20% discount to all items.

WITCH- NEUTRAL Can send poisoned apple to any player each day. Poisoned player will die after 2 days, unless poisoned player buys an antidote.

SURVIVOR- 3rd Party Shows as villager. Has no special night time abilities. Wins with winning team, if alive.

OUTCAST SCOUT - 3rd Party 3rd Party Shows as vampire. Can scout any alive player. If the scouted player is evil (including Loner and excluding Dracula), then scout fails his scouting and gets cursed. Cursed Outcast Scout loses his ability and dies after next night phase. If the scouted player is good, then there are 15% chance of revealing his role. Wins if at least one of Village Outcasts are sole surviving player.

OUTCAST SPY - 3rd Party 3rd Party Shows as vampire. Can spy any alive player. There are 30% chance of revealing spied players' role. Wins if at least one of Village Outcasts are sole surviving player.

OUTCAST BRUTE - 3rd Party 3rd Party Shows as vampire. Can kill scouted or spied player. Wins if at least one of Village Outcasts are sole surviving player.

MAYOR- SPECIAL Shifted randomly to any living player in day phase. Mayor's role will be public, everyone will know who is mayor. In day phase mayor's vote will be worth 2 votes. When there are be 12 players left alive, this role will be removed.

PSYCHOPATH- SPECIAL Shifted randomly to any living player in night phase. Psychopath's role will be kept secret. Person who has this role will be able to kill any living player, if this person wants to. When there are 12 players left alive, this role will be removed.

In-Game Money

There is an in-game currency to buy items from trade caravans. Each player will start with 500 gold coins. Each day phase the game master will ask all living players the same question, and the player who gives the best answer will get extra gold coins.

Trade Caravans

You will be able to buy items from trade caravans for gold coins. There will be limited amount for every item so be first to buy what you want. Every few days trade caravan will drive away to restock and it will be back soon. You can only buy items in night phase. You can find list with items below.

Garlic (300 gold coins) You can send it to any alive player and you will see if your target has eaten it or not. If target has eaten it then target is a good, if not then target is evil. ONLY VILLAGERS CAN BUY THIS

Magical Elixir (500 gold coins) This item is activated when is sent to any good player. If your target gets garlic from other player, then your target would not be able to eat it, so others may start to think that your target is a vampire. ONLY VAMPIRES CAN BUY THIS

Protection Scroll (300 gold coins) You can use it on yourself or any other vampire. When your target will get a garlic, then targeted player will eat it without problems, so others will think that your target is a villager. ONLY VAMPIRES CAN BUY THIS

Cloak (1000 gold coins) When this item has been bought, you will be protected for next day. Vampires will not be able to attack you and villagers will not be able to lynch you.

Antidote (200 gold coins) When bought cures you from poision.

Unholy Water (400 gold coins) If Vampire Hunter splashes you, nothing happens. After splashing this item will be destroyed. ONLY VAMPIRES CAN BUY THIS

NOTE: You can only handle two items in the same time. In game 1, instead of gold coins there were used real credits, but no one bought anything, so real credits have been changed to gold coins.

Win Conditions

The game will instantly end if any of the following conditions are met: When there are no evil players left in the game. When there are no good players left in the game. When evil players are same count or one more than good players.


People who wish to donate for prizes can do so. All donated credits will be split between the winners.

Past Games

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