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Quick Summary

Zach3.png Gang Rep ---- Player Avatar
Hired May '15 Removed Feb'16
Personal Name Gender DoB Location
Zach Male July. 8, 1994 Canada

About me

So I don't really have an exciting life, I work as a cashier at a grocery store called Sobeys. I started working there three years ago, when I was still in high school. I graduated my hell hole of a high school in 2012. I then took two years off of education to decide on what I wanted to take in college, I was still unsure of what I wanted to do but my family insisted on me going back to school, so I was pressured into taking a course I didn't enjoy, Business Administration. I did a full semester and then half of one before I dropped out, while I was there at that college I did however meet Matteh for the first time.

I am now going to take more time off to dig my talent into the pool of Video editing so I can go to college or university for that. While I do that I will be paying off my loan and purchasing equipment and programs to help with that talent.

Some of my personal interests is Xbox, Dubstep (preferably deadmau5 as he was the first dj I listened to, to get me into this genre), runescape, and Legacy, also video editing.

Account #1

I signed up to Legacy on May 2nd 2008, under the name Kingster89
I became Avatar in March 2009, after 321 days on the game
I was to become Avatar #293 after losing a race with Smokey11
I was known to be quite the gang hopper during this time as well
Times I have been to the gangs Dark Flame - 1, The Chapter - 5, Outcasts - 6
In 2011 I took a massive meltdown and chose to quit through emotion

Account #2

I signed up to Legacy in September of 2011 a few months after my meltdown
The name I signed up with at the start was Serenity(Scott's name he chose for me)
I reached Avatar on March 4th, 2012 for the second time
I achieved Moderator status for the Games room in 2013, I then later achieved Main forum a couple weeks to a month later
Name changes I have had on this Account are: Serenity, Cornholio, Kingster89, Zach

Noteable Drops/Casino

Account #1

  1. Scythe Drop x1
  2. Throwing Star drop x2
  3. Shell Blade drop x2
  4. Bio Shell x1
  5. Magma x1

Account #2

  1. Magma x1
  2. Chain blade drop x1
  3. Scythe drop x2 (back to back)
  4. Chaos Armor drop x2
  5. Throwing Knives drop
  6. Swat Shield drop
  7. Grenade Launcher drop x2
  8. Modded Pistol drop x3
  9. Inferno Amulet

Gang Leadership Positions

During my time in Chapter I was given a chance as trainer from the Taskmaster, this was when I applied back when I had my first account. This was the only high rank I held with Chapter.

During my time in Outcasts through my legacy duration I have held mentor two times, acted as Taskmaster when Danii left the gang to go to another, me and KevMan split the duties between the two of us until the gang chose for another. I also got into the council in Outcasts of Dec '14 and this is where I left off until I got accepted in the a Staff position.

It took me 2 and a half years to reach rank 10 in Outcasts which is the highest rank without going into leadership or being a mentor.

Staff Time


I was hired by Scott in May '15 as an Accounts admin. I was also trained a whole lot by Will on how to use the Wiki, without him I would not know how to do these pages or edit anything on the Wiki. Scott trained me in the Accounts department which I would say is still an ongoing process, because everyday you could learn something new. Both Will and Scott told me a lot about the basic materials that would help along the way with being Staff.

After a few months of being on the staff team and getting my Accounts position, Scott gave me the option of being a gang rep. I was then assigned to Blade of Dawn for being their current gang rep.

After being on the team for 9 months I was removed from staff on February 15, 2016 because Scott said Volunteer Helpers were no longer going to be in legacy, so I was fine with that. But months went by and Scott and Will were still VH, so I started double guessing myself on why I was released early and not them two, when he told me they were leaving soon as well. To this day I still have no reason why I was released so early, when I was doing my job fine.

After Staff

After I was removed from staff I went and joined Outcasts the gang that was home to me, but after a while I was not feeling like it was home when coming out of staffdom, so I moved to DarkFlame. After being in DarkFlame for a few months I started to feel a bit off to where I was and things were falling apart as well in leadership. So I took my leave as many others did but they all joined a gang within a day or two, but not me, I stayed rogue for a good 2-3 months. While being rogue for that time I had time to collect credits and talk on sidechat while reflecting my life in the real world(ugh I know.. irl, what a thing that is), after I got that sorted I joined TC, and that is where I still reside, and I am currently happy here.

Past Character Designs

Kingster89.png Zach.png Anarchyhalloween.gif Zach2.png Zach3.png

Achievements & Honors

Achieve 35.gif - King of the Hill!

Achieve 37.gif - Hot Slot! Achieve Outfit.gif

Achieve 38.gif - Hit the Bar!

Achieve 39.gif - Coin ya do it!

Achieve 40.gif - Healthy Option!

Achieve 21.gif - Winning Streak

Achieve 22.gif - Casino Royale

Achieve 23.gif - Card Counter Achieve Honor.gif

Achieve 25.gif - The Don

Achieve 26.gif - High Roller

Achieve 27.gif - Extraordinaire! Achieve Honor.gif

Achieve 32.gif - Busted Flush

Achieve 33.gif - Learn when to quit!

Achieve 29.gif - Just this once...

Achieve 41.gif - Drawing a Blank!

Achieve 42.gif - Halfway There!

Achieve 44.gif - My House

Achieve 45.gif - Gold Standard!

Achieve 48.gif - Suited and Booted! Achieve Outfit.gif

Achieve 49.gif - Pot Luck!

Achieve 57.gif - High Climber!

Achieve 59.gif - Blackjack!

Achieve 60.gif - Playing it Safe!

Achieve 51.gif - Full House

Achieve 52.gif - 1 Point Luck!

Achieve 53.gif - Cashing in!

Achieve 54.gif - High Five!

Achieve Secret2.gif x1

Connect banner.png - Survived the near apocalyptic server move in our 4th year.

Cow banner.png - Played before the merge in to Hunted Cow Studios!

Hcs banner.png - Merged from an original Legacy Account.

Level banner80.png - Got their character to level 80 and became an Avatar!.

3year banner.png - Stood with us during the 3 year anniversary of the game.

4year banner.png - Stood with us during the 4 year anniversary of the game.

5year banner.png - Stood with us during the 5 year anniversary of the game.

6year banner.png - Stood with us during the 6 year anniversary of the game.

7year banner.png - Stood with us during the 7 year anniversary of the game.

8year banner.png - Stood with us during the 8 year anniversary of the game.

9year banner.png - Stood with us during the 9 year anniversary of the game.

10year banner.png - Stood with us during the 10 year anniversary of the game.

Level banner.png - Achieved ranking among the Top 10 most experience gained.

Kills banner.png - Decimated the hive, reaching the Top 10 highest wins.

Deaths banner.png - Kept our hospital in business with the Top 10 highest losses.

Hunt banner.png - Has been ranked among the Top 10 best hunters.

Token banner.png - Has netted the Top 10 highest tokens earned.

Hunting1 banner.png - Defeated the Sector 3 Assassin Lisha.

Hunting2 banner.png - Showed superiority over the mob, defeating their boss.

Hunting3 banner.png - Silenced the corrupt police chief Zaphar, defeating him.

Hunting4 banner.png - Set back X-Corp's plans defeating their founder Sythe.

Hunting5 banner.png - Shook the foundations of the hive, defeating the Hive Lord.

Hunting6 banner.png - Defeated Cerb the Gatekeeper of the sanctuary.

Hunting7 banner.png - Shutdown X-1025 the Brotherhood of Blood's guardian.

Hunting8 banner.png - Displayed ultimate power in defeating the Avatar Lord.

Hunting9 banner.png - Vanquished Observer: Ventrix, for now.

Spectral banner1.png - Defeated a player and stole their Forgotten Amulet.

Spectral banner2.png - Defeated a player and stole their Shard of Destruction.

Spectral banner3.png - Defeated a player and stole their Phantom Armor.

Voting banner4.png - Voted for our game 2000 times.

Subscribe banner.png - This player subscribed to the game during the old system.

Platinum purchase banner1.png - Purchased Platinum with credits from another player.

Platinum purchase banner2.png - Purchased Platinum with cash from Legacy.

Counter banner.png - Obtained 4000 tokens at one time.

50k banner.png - Earned 50,000 tokens from the casino over time.