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Welding Torch

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Welding Torch
Welding Torch.png
Sell Price:
A tool that uses fuel gasses and oxygen to weld and cut materials. Each use in crafting will deduct 1 trade, and this item will disappear from your inventory upon reaching 0 trades.

Welding Torch is a Normal Level Tool used in Crafting Recipes.

  • A Welding Torch has 10 Trades by default and each use of it will reduce its Trades by 1, destroying the item when it reaches 0.
  • Players can stack Welding Torches up to 250 Trades from their inventory to help reduce total space needed for them.



Craft Crafting Level Blueprint Type Required Items Special Notes
Wires Wires 0 Generic Blueprint 1xCopper Ore 1xWelding Torch None
Short Barrel Short Barrel 0 Generic Blueprint 2xSteel Ingot 1xWelding Torch None
Pistol Pistol 0 Generic Blueprint 1xShort Barrel 1xSteel Ingot 1xGunpowder 1xWelding Torch None
Long Barrel Long Barrel 0 Generic Blueprint 3xSteel Ingot 1xWelding Torch None
Shotgun Shotgun 0 Generic Blueprint 1xLong Barrel 1xSteel Ingot 1xGunpowder 1xWelding Torch None
Crowbar Crowbar 0 Generic Blueprint 2xSteel Ingot 1xWelding Torch None
Hard Hat Hard Hat 0 Generic Blueprint 1xSteel Ingot 1xFiberglass 1xWelding Torch None
Police Shield Police Shield 1 Generic Blueprint 1xSteel Plate 1xFiberglass 1xWelding Torch None
Arm Blade Arm Blade 1 Generic Blueprint 1xSteel Ingot 1xFabric 1xWelding Torch None
Knuckle Duster Knuckle Duster 1 Generic Blueprint 1xCopper Ingot 1xWelding Torch None
Bladed Duster Bladed Duster 1 Generic Blueprint 1xKnuckle Duster 1xArm Blade 1xWelding Torch None
Grenades Grenades 1 Generic Blueprint 2xCopper Ingot 2xSteel Ingot 2xSpark Powder 1xWelding Torch None
Dagger Dagger 1 Generic Blueprint 2xSteel Ingot 1xFabric 1xWelding Torch None
Flame Thrower Flame Thrower 1 Rare Blueprint 1xShort Barrel 1xCopper Ingot 3xCharcoal 1xSpark Powder 1xWelding Torch None
Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle 2 Rare Blueprint 1xLong Barrel 1xLaser Sight 1xCopper Plate 1xGunpowder 1xWelding Torch None
Tesla Rod Tesla Rod 2 Rare Blueprint 1xCrowbar 1xSteel Plate 2xWires 2xCircuit Board 1xWelding Torch None
Poisoned Tip Poisoned Tip 3 Rare Blueprint 1xPoison 1xBronze Ingot 1xWelding Torch None
GPS Device GPS Device 3 Rare Blueprint 1xBronze Ingot 1xCopper Plate 2xCircuit Board 1xliink=Welding Torch None
Large Barrel Large Barrel 4 Generic Blueprint 4xSteel Ingot 1xWelding Torch None
Blood Pack Blood Pack 5 Rare Blueprint 2xBronze Ingot 5xAvatar Blood 1xMorphine 1xWelding Torch None
Polearm Polearm 5 Rare Blueprint 1xGyro Balance 3xSteel Ingot 1xWelding Torch None
Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher 5 Epic Blueprint 2xGrenades 1xBronze Plate 2xLarge Barrel 3xSilver Ingot 1xWelding Torch None
Cow Bell Cow Bell 8 Special Blueprint 1xGold Ingot 1xSmall Golden Nugget 1xNull Crystal Shard 1xWelding Torch None
Q15 Q15 8 Special Blueprint 1xRail Gun T2 (Lvl 3+) 5xLarge Power Cell 1xPerfect Fire Crystal 5xGold Plate 1xWelding Torch Rail Gun T2 needs to be level 3+
Havoc launcher Havoc Launcher 8 Special Blueprint 1xGrenade Launcher 2xLarge Barrel 5xSilver Plate 5xGunpowder 1xWelding Torch None


Action Crafting Level Max Materials Effect Required Items Special Notes
Drone Bay Expansion I 6 N/A Able to store +1 drone. 2xSilver Plate 2xBronze Plate 1xWelding Torch Must have Constructed a Drone Bay
Drone Bay Expansion II 9 N/A Able to store +1 drone. 2xGold Plate 2xSilver Plate 1xWelding Torch Must have Expanded your Drone Bay
Drone Repair 3 5 +??hp per Material 1xHammer 1xWelding Torch See Drone Repairs for more details
Resourceful Drone Repair 3 5 +??hp per Material 1xHammer 1xWelding Torch See Drone Repairs for more details


Location Quest Name Required Items Reward Special Notes
Diego's Hideout A thirst for revenge 2x Steel Ingot 1x Welding Torch Generic Blueprint Craft a Crowbar and slay a Residential Guard while this quest is active to complete.
Diego's Hideout Craft a Pistol 1x Short Barrel 1x Steel Ingot 1x Gunpowder 1x Welding Torch 750 Energy Craft a Pistol while this quest is active to complete.


Name Description Crafting Level Effect Required Items Special Notes
Material Storage Reinforcement Protect this place from the faulty drones outside before working on anything else. 2 Unlocks additional upgrades 4xSteel Plate 1xWelding Torch


The item can be acquired from:

Metals Ores Iron Ore.png Iron Copper Ore.png Copper Manganese Ore.png Manganese Silver Ore.png Silver Gold Ore.png Gold
Ingots Steel Ingot.png Steel Copper Ingot.png Copper Bronze Ingot.png Bronze Manganese ingot.png Manganese Silver Ingot.png Silver Gold Ingot.png Gold
Plates Steel Plate.png Steel Copper Plate.png Copper Bronze Plate.png Bronze Manganese plate.png Manganese Silver Plate.png Silver Gold Plate.png Gold
Parts Circuit Board.png Circuit Board Short Barrel.png Short Barrel Long Barrel.png Long Barrel Large Barrel.png Large Barrel Power cell.png Power Cell Large power cell.png Large Power Cell Wires.png Wires
Other Artificial Wood.png Artificial Wood Bonding Paste sm.png Bonding Paste Charcoal.png Charcoal Fabric.png Fabric Fiberglass.png Fiberglass Flint.png Flint Gunpowder.png Gunpowder Hemlock.png Hemlock Lead.png Lead Nightshade.png Nightshade Poison.png Poison Spark powder.png Spark Powder Stone.png Stone Small Golden Nugget Small Golden Nugget
Special Abstruse Paper.png Abstruse Paper Effigy.png Effigy Flour.png Flour Pie mix.png Pie Mix Skull.png Skull Blue soul.png Blue Soul Green soul.png Green Soul Red soul.png Red Soul
Tools Hammer.png Hammer Saw.png Saw Screwdriver.png Screwdriver Welding Torch.png Welding Torch