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Large Preview
Big grenades.png
Sell Price:
Pull out the pin, and throw this highly explosive toy ball. No this isnt insanity, these are grenades. Not to be used near dogs.

The Grenades are a level 15 Projectile type weapon.


Big grenades.png
Type Projectile
Rarity Different
Requirement Level 15
Damage 20-31 D. Skill 0
Accuracy 8 G. Skill 0
Dodge 0 M. Skill 0
Speed 10 P. Skill 4
Armor 0

Additional Uses


Craft Crafting Level Blueprint Type Required Items Special Notes
Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher 5 Epic Blueprint 2xGrenades 1xBronze Plate 2xLarge Barrel 3xSilver Ingot 1xWelding Torch None


The item can be acquired from:

Projectile Weapons
Lv. 1-9 Snowballs Lv.1 - Snowballs Throwing Knives Lv.8 - Throwing Knives
Lv. 10-19 Playing Cards Lv.12 - Playing Cards Grenades Lv.15 - Grenades Shurikens Lv.15 - Shurikens
Lv. 20-29 Crossbow Lv.25 - Crossbow
Lv. 30-39 Boomerang Lv.32 - Boomerang
Lv. 40-49 Throwing Axe Lv.45 - Throwing Axe
Lv. 50-59 Throwing Pick Lv.50 - Throwing Pick
Lv. 60-69 Javelin Lv.60 - Javelin Razor Bow Lv.60 - Razor Bow
Lv. 70-79 Throwing Star Lv.71 - Throwing Star
Lv. 80 Crystal Bombs Lv.80 - Crystal Bombs Crystal Bombs T2 Lv.80 - Crystal Bombs T2 Concentrated Crystal Bombs T2 Lv.80 - Concentrated Crystal Bombs T2 Split Crystal Bombs T2 Lv.80 - Split Crystal Bombs T2 Void Bow Lv.80 - Void Bow