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In Legacy, there are many "words," abbreviations, and terms that are used a lot. You may not know what these mean, so here's where you can find out.

Note: please do not add any names to the list.


h4xX0rz, hax, h4x a person who "hacks" the game, usually used in a joking sense
noob ,n00b, n0b0, nubb3h, nubu, nub, n33b a person who is either new to the game or really annoying
1337 an internet dialect (pronounced leet, Wikipedia definition)
ub3r super, from the German word "Über" (over, above and super)
pwn, pwnd, pwns, pwnt to own, win, beat (usually by a large margin)
scammer a person who steals money/weapons from others
Bertoguese referred to when somebody's typing cannot be read, a practice used by berto
Staffard A Legacy staff member
Avatar, Avatard A player who has reached level 80.
Market A place in Sector 2 where people can sell items to other people
Zong, Zrog, Zomg, Zorgasm, Z0rX These words are sometimes associated with the creator of Legacy, Zorg.
p3n A Legacy way of saying pwn.


Nades Grenades
Plasma/P.Rifle Plasma Rifle
FT Flamethrower
HFT Heavy Flamethrower
Revive/Kit Revival Kit
L.pistol Laser Sighted Pistol
RBow Razor Bow


AA Alien Artifact
BaC Blue Abyss Clan
BoD Blade of Dawn
BR Bushido Ronin
CMM Clan Mass Message
CoB Chronicle of Blood
CoE Chamber of Elders
DF Dark Flame
Dfav disfavor
DS Dark Samurai
GGX Guilty Gear X
G2 Gangsterz2 - a reference to Legacy's previous name.
HA Hells Angels
MR Murders Row
MSM Meanstreet Mob
OC Outcasts
PM Personal Message
PT Paper Tigers
RJ Radar Jammer
SS Shiroi Samurai
ST Sacred Templars
TC The Chapter
TS Terror Squad
UC Umbrella Corp
VC Vendetta Council
TR Twisted Reality
VE Vendetta Elite
VH Volunteer Helper (Formally staff for Legacy)
WW Werewolves (game)

Abbreviations: General ("Netspeak")

afk Away from keyboard
atm At the moment
b4 Before
bf Boyfriend
bbl Be back later
brb Be right back
btw By the way
ffs For f***'s sake
g2g Got to go
gj Good job
gr8 Great
idk I don't know
idc I don't care
i c I See
ily i love you
IM Instant message
IMO In my opinion
IRL In real life
JK Joking/Just kidding
j00 You
l8 Late
l8r Later
lmao Laughing my a** off
lmfao Laughing my f***ing a** off
lol Laugh out loud
ne1 Anyone
np No problem
omg Oh my god/gosh
omfg Oh my f***ing god/gosh
plz Please
POS Parent over shoulder
ppl People
rofl Rolling on floor laughing
roflmfao Rolling on floor laughing my f***ing a** off
stfu Shut the f*** up
t3h/teh The
tmi Too much information
ttyl Talk to you later
ty Thank you
u You
ur Your/You're
w/e Whatever
wtf What the f***
wth What the hell
y Why
yw You're welcome


If any of you have a word, just add it. Be sure, however, to keep it proper and relevant. If you have to ask if it should or can be added, you can contact Will or Josh and ask